The Legacy of the House of Alba

24 January, 2013
On Friday afternoon I went to visit the “El Legado Casa de Alba” (The Legacy of the House of Alba) Exhibition. We were lucky enough to enjoy a private (...)

If you were Kate Middleton would you sport the Spencer Tiara on your Wedding Day?

18 April, 2012
There is a lot of speculation happening during these weeks about the possibility that Kate Middleton will wear the Spencer Tiara on the day of her wedding (...)

Cecilia Gallerani, Ludovico il Moro’s Adolescent Lover

 “Lady with an Ermine” arrived to me in a most unexpected way. All of a sudden my Twitter’s entire Time Line filled with news about the arrival (...)

One brooch and Two Leonors

What a coincidence! Two nearly parallel lives, united in the twenty-first century by a piece of jewellery. An oval shaped broach with a beautiful stone (...)