Ava Gardner

11 December, 2012
With an awesome beauty ,she was a strong woman ,impetuous and always indomitable. All glamour and sensuality, she is our icon of the week. She will  always (...)

The Ava’s Jewelry Collection

2 December, 2014
Ava Gardner was a extremely beautiful, strong and impulsive…  She also was glamous and sensuality, and over all, a huge jewelry collector. The actress (...)

The Barefoot Contessa

7 May, 2014
Year: 1954. Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Stars: Ava Gardner (María Vargas). Humphrey Bogart (Harry Dawes). Edmond O´Brien (Oscar Muldoon). Rossano (...)


9 April, 2014
Mogambo Year: 1953. Director: John Ford. Stars: Clark Gable (Victor Marswell). Ava Gardner (Eloise Y. Kelly). Grace Kelly (Linda Nordley). Donald Sidney (...)

The Killers

5 March, 2014
Year: 1946 Director: Robert Siodmack Stars: Burt Lancaster (Ole ‘Swede’ Andreson) Ava Gardner (Kitty Collins) Edmon O´Brien (Jim Riordan) (...)