A visit to the Liria Palace.

26 June, 2013
A stroll through the History of Spain I had been waiting for this moment for nearly four years, and honestly, it was completely worth it. On Friday 10th (...)

The Legacy of the House of Alba

24 January, 2013
On Friday afternoon I went to visit the “El Legado Casa de Alba” (The Legacy of the House of Alba) Exhibition. We were lucky enough to enjoy a private (...)

Ahasuerus Fromanteel And Galileo

5 December, 2012
Since Angel has been involved with the blog’s more technical articles, I have discovered a significant amount of extremely curious things that I never (...)

The Mg-Tc

22 November, 2012
It is rare that one Sunday such an attractive plan as this should come up. A few weeks ago a good friend called to tell me that he had bought an MG. I (...)

Vintage Bonfire Night

5 November, 2012
  Tonight Great Britain celebrates the ¨Bonfire Night”. It is a tradition from the XVII. In 1605 Guy Fawkes being so frustrated because of (...)

Hopper: My inspiration

9 September, 2012
Edward Hopper will be in Madrid until 16th September. The ‘Thyssen Bornemisza’ Museum hosts this magnificent selection of 73 of the North American (...)

Vogue, 120 years of history

3 September, 2012
Its history begins at the end of the Nineteenth Century and it is known as the fashion bible. Vogue magazine was born in the United States in 1892, founded (...)