Robert Taylor

14 May, 2013
Icon Tuesday. Perfect profile Tuesday… Robert Taylor for Tuesday His serene character, his ability to go from the elegant gentleman to the old hero (...)

Joan Crawford

7 May, 2013
Icon Tuesday. Tuesday’s intense gaze… Joan Crawford Tuesday. Her charisma, her cats eyes and ability to embroider the dramatic roles made her (...)

Fred Astaire

30 April, 2013
Icon Tuesday. Tuesday’s tap dance… Tuesday’s Fred Astaire His impeccable elegance, originality, grace and rhythmic precision made him (...)

Ingrid Bergman

23 April, 2013
Tuesday’s icon.Tuesday of naturalness… Ingrid Bergman’s Tuesday. With a resplendent beauty, a sweet smile and a serene elegance,we will (...)

John Wayne

16 April, 2013
Icon Tuesday. Today, John Wayne! “The King of the western”! The more sensitive, charming and honest Hollywood seducer. In his tomb commanded (...)

Sara Montiel

9 April, 2013
She was the first Spanish actress to reach international fame. The most seductive at her time, the more brazen and the great diva of Spanish cinema. Sara (...)

Doris Day

2 April, 2013
Tuesday’s icon. Tuesday for comedy… Tuesday for Doris Day. Three comedies: “Pillow Talk” , “Lover Come Back” and  Send (...)

Rodolfo Valentino

26 March, 2013
Tuesday´s icon.Tuesday for a  Latin Lover…Tuesday of Rodolfo Valentino With a height of 1.80 m, a seductive,exotic manly bearing and an intense (...)

Marlene Dietritch

19 March, 2013
Icon Tuesday.¨The blond Venus¨…Tuesday, just Marlene Dietrich. With her dazzling presence, her matchless glamour and that cold distant and unattainable (...)

Spencer Tracy

12 March, 2013
Tuesday´s icon. Tuesday of goodness, honesty and naturalness. Not in vain called ¨The prince of non-actors”, for his naturalness to act. Spencer (...)