Key after key

4 December, 2014
In a chapter from the acclaimed series House of Cards, a crafty Kevin spacey has to write a very important letter and he decides to do it with a Underwood (...)

A vintage wool factory

6 November, 2014
If you are a vintage lover and happens to come to Spain for a visit, don’t miss within the heart of Pont d’Arsèguel (Alt Urgell, in Lleida) this amazing (...)

A Century of Street Style

2 October, 2014
The fact that the street photo style phenomenon was born with Scott Schuman is like saying this gentelman invented the hot water. “There is no news under (...)

Bruges City in a fairy tale

4 September, 2014
Its name comes from the Flemish term “brugge” which means “bridges”, in plural, since there are many of them completing the appearance of this (...)

Japanese Art

3 June, 2014
The Eurpean interest for the Japanese art started in mid 19th Century. It happened thanks to the opening of the commerce with Orient with London and Paris. (...)

Men fashion

5 May, 2014
  Each season we hear the same: the masculine style is a trend. And it is a trend indeed. We’ve been hearing this year after year, and it’s always (...)

The Esotericism in Sandro Botticelli´s la Primavera

1 April, 2014
This artwork introduces us in the fascinating world of the Italian Renaissance. Towards the end of the 15th Century, Florence’s cultural and scientific (...)

Santoña MasterPalace

3 March, 2014
At Huertas Street number 13 stands the imposing   Santoña MasterPalace. Today the Foundation hosts the Chamber of Commerce , but not always served this (...)

11 years full of experiences at Balenciaga’s House in Madrid

4 February, 2014
My post is dedicated to the great Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. However, it isn’t a post about things that I have read, but about the life (...)

Shakespeare and Company By Claudia Redondo

7 January, 2014
On the banks of the Seine in front of Notre Dame, at number 37 on la rue de la Bucherie: “Shakespeare and Company” is one of the most emblematic places (...)