Maria Lucrecia di Medici

24 September, 2015
An outstanding pearl necklace in gold with a simple tiara and matching earrings are the jewelry Maria Lucrecia di Medici wears. She i sour protagonist (...)

The first rings for men arrive to our vintage collection

23 June, 2015
We are truly glad to introduce the first ring for men we add to our Vintage Collection, the reproduction of a vintage piece that was worn by Cardinal Bernardo (...)

Eleonora Gonzaga´s Jewerly

16 April, 2015
Tiziano made this Eleonora Gonzaga’s portrait back in 1537. The painting was created with an admirable accuracy and precision and it’s plenty of meaningful (...)

Filippo Lippi and his Madonna pearl brooch

12 February, 2015
Let me show you today a jewel inspired in one of the Filippo Lippi’s most emblematic paintings. A small pearl brooch that the Madonna wears in Madonna (...)

The jewels witness of the most touching love story in the Renaissance: Margherita Luti

4 November, 2014
According to the legend, Raffaello Sanzio, known as Raphael, fell in love with Margherita Luti while she was washing her feet under the Tiber river. The (...)

The high society’s jewelry in the Renaissance: Lucrezia Panciatichi

16 October, 2014
Lucrezia, the beautiful wife of the Florentine politic Bartolomeo Panciatichi, has come to us in a stunning portrait with no background, where is seems (...)

The Boticelli’s Venus and the brooch in her neckline

9 September, 2014
London National Gallery. Sandro Boticelli (1445-1510) Venus and Mars was painted around 1483 by one of the most important artists of the Renaissance; Sandro (...)

Magdalena Strozzi

30 May, 2014
Magdalena Strozzi was Agnolo Doni’s wife, a rich businessman and a patron in Florence. This singular portrait was painted by Rafael back in 1506. It (...)

A visit to the Liria Palace.

26 June, 2013
A stroll through the History of Spain I had been waiting for this moment for nearly four years, and honestly, it was completely worth it. On Friday 10th (...)


17 July, 2012
Andrea of Verrocchio, born Andrea di Michele di Francesco de’ Ciono, known simply as Verrocchio, was born in Florence in 1435 and died in Venice in 1488. (...)