Great Women from the past

15 September, 2015
We launch today a new section in our Vintage blog: Great Women from the past We’re going to dedicate one of our sections to those women that, thanks (...)

Mary Waters’s Spitafields silk bride dress

13 January, 2015
She chose a very daring wedding dress design for the time. A fascinating dress made in silk from Spitafields in green decorated with flowers in salmon, (...)

The Assemblies’ dresses in the Georgian England

20 November, 2014
The title of the show says everything: “Georgian, Dresses for polite society”. Although “polite” is not the term I’d use, to be honest… I’d (...)

Mary Dayton Richards; A bride from the end of the 19th century

13 November, 2014
Mary Dayton Richards (1842-1921) and Milton Brayton Graff (1840-1877) were married in 1869 in Manhattan. By that time, the wedding gowns were long and (...)

A vintage wedding gown with courage and sensitivity

18 September, 2014
Why a daughter would want to wear her mother’s wedding dress? I’ve been thinking so much about this lately that I’ve decided to start a few posts (...)

A visit to the Liria Palace.

26 June, 2013
A stroll through the History of Spain I had been waiting for this moment for nearly four years, and honestly, it was completely worth it. On Friday 10th (...)

The Legacy of the House of Alba

24 January, 2013
On Friday afternoon I went to visit the “El Legado Casa de Alba” (The Legacy of the House of Alba) Exhibition. We were lucky enough to enjoy a private (...)

Maria Eugenia of Montijo, a fine example of a Twenty-first Century Woman in the middle of the Nineteenth Century.

3 July, 2012
On the 5th May 1826: María Eugenia Palafox Portocarrero and Kirkpatrick, Countess of Teba and better known as Eugenia of Montijo was born in Granada, (...)

If you were Kate Middleton would you sport the Spencer Tiara on your Wedding Day?

18 April, 2012
There is a lot of speculation happening during these weeks about the possibility that Kate Middleton will wear the Spencer Tiara on the day of her wedding (...)

Mrs. del Alisal’s Cameo

The appearance of those faces embossed over a light brown tortoiseshell has always grabbed my attention. However, it wasn’t until I married and was given (...)