Piccarda Bueri and Giovanni di Bicci… The Medici Bank’s origins.

3 July, 2012
Piccarda Bueri was born inVeronain 1368 in the heart of an old, noble and wealthy Tuscan family. Giovanni di Bicci de Médici himself was one of Averardo (...)

Zurbarán and Caprile in the Palacio of Liria

25 April, 2012
I love reading gossip magazines when they publish a cover of a famous wedding. I take my time whilst looking at the photos: the dresses, the headdresses, (...)

Girl with a Pearl Earring (J. Vermeer 1632-1675)

18 April, 2012
After seeing a certain painting in different publications or art catalogues so many times, when the moment finally arrives to find myself face to face (...)

Mrs. del Alisal’s Cameo

The appearance of those faces embossed over a light brown tortoiseshell has always grabbed my attention. However, it wasn’t until I married and was given (...)