Charlotte Stuart by Hugh Douglas Hamilton

13 October, 2015
Charlotte Stuart is a beautiful portrait of the Scot artista Hugh Douglas Hamilton. She also is the protagonist of our new section “Ladies of the Antiquity”. (...)

Great Women from the past

15 September, 2015
We launch today a new section in our Vintage blog: Great Women from the past We’re going to dedicate one of our sections to those women that, thanks (...)

Coco Chanel, the great lady of the French haute couture

10 September, 2015
Coco Chanel, the great lady of the French haute couture Within both Wars, Gabrielle Bonheur, better known as Coco Chanel, reved up fashion and haute couture (...)

Mata Hari, the goddess of the lies

7 July, 2015
Mata Hari’s story is the cronique of a lie. A well planned lie though that drove half Europe crazy during the World War. This great Dutch impostor, whose (...)

Anita Delgado: The Spanish princess of Kapurthala

9 June, 2015
Back in the beginning of the 20th century, a powerful member of the royalty met a really beautiful – but modest origins- lady. He fell in love with her (...)

Ada Lovelace, founder of programming

19 May, 2015
Maths and Scientific and modern Computing owes a lot to Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852, British). She was considered the first programmer in history, the (...)

Sarah Bernhardt: The French golden voice

7 April, 2015
Sarah Bernhardt: The French golden voice Considered as one of the best actress ever, Sarah Bernhardt’s artistic curiosities included plastic arts and (...)

Edith Piaf, the strength of a sparrow from Paris

10 March, 2015
Under the nickname of “Piaf” – “sparrow” in French – due to her weak appearance, Edith Giovanna Gassion was the most important French singer (...)

Jane Goodall, a life devoted to primates protection

10 February, 2015
Focusing your life in a passion is not easy and just a few make it a success, like the British Jane Goodall (London 1934) did. She was one of the most (...)

Simonetta Vespucci, muse of the Renaissance

15 January, 2015
Many of you don’t probably know the name of the muse who inspired this painting. However, the Sandro Botticelli’s Venus is one of the first images (...)