Hera: “Quod adfert tum lumen”

2 July, 2015
Hera: who brings the light to you If you follow my blog very closely, you already know how excited I am with this project and how I love to closet he month (...)

Maxima Maia, deam fruges vere rosam

27 May, 2015
May is a month dedicated to our elderlies, flowers and in general, to Spring. But also May si the month of the goddess who protects the humanity, the goddess (...)

Aphrodite emersum e spuma

5 May, 2015
I always love to close the month with something very special, you all know that already, so I’ve made a new Baroque Still Even photo this month. This (...)

The orient of the pearls

28 April, 2015
Do you know what “the orient of the pearls” means? The orient is the natural sparkle in a pearl, that iridescent shine so characteristic that differenciates (...)

Martis, belli et fertilitatem deum

29 March, 2015
I always love to end the month with something special, and this year, my golden brooch is my project “Baroque Still Evens”, a project that takes me (...)

Iván Martínez Segovia

25 March, 2015
Ivan started working as a professional photograher 12 years ago. When reading through his résumé, you realize how much experience he has at creating (...)

With “H” for “Hebilla” (Buckle)

17 March, 2015
Every belt needs a piece to be closed and tight to the wrist. In the antiquity it was very common to see these jewels in silver decorated with semiprecious (...)

February: “Neptunus deus Maris” was born.

26 February, 2015
You all know that I love ending the month with something very special. Along this year, the monthly golden brooch will be my project “12 Baroque Still (...)

Ges Rules

23 February, 2015
Her name is Esther, but her alias is Ges Rules. She is my emerging photographer for February. When she was born back in 1970, she opened her eyes very (...)

With “E” for “Estras” (Strass or Rhinestone)

3 February, 2015
A flint glass with a high lead content, used to imitate gemstones A flint glass used to imitate gemstones and create therefore fantasy jewelry. The name (...)