The jewels witness of the most (...)

4 November, 2014

Your dreamy vintage wedding dr (...)

6 June, 2014

Charlotte Stuart by Hugh Douglas Hamilton

13 October, 2015
Charlotte Stuart is a beautiful portrait of the Scot artista Hugh Douglas Hamilton. She also is the protagonist of our new section “Ladies of the Antiquity”. (...)

With “R” for “Reliquary”

6 October, 2015
A reliquary is a small box or recipient commonly used in the past to wear hanging from the neck. The very first use was entirely religious as a case to (...)

Maria Lucrecia di Medici

24 September, 2015
An outstanding pearl necklace in gold with a simple tiara and matching earrings are the jewelry Maria Lucrecia di Medici wears. She i sour protagonist (...)

With “C” for “Collar” (Necklace)

22 September, 2015
With “C” for “Collar” (Necklace) The Spanish word for “necklace”, collar, comes from the latin term “collum”, which means “neck” in (...)

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an icon

17 September, 2015
I am pretty sure you all who frequently read our vintage blog know that Audrey Hepburn is one of our most beloved muses. Among our most admired jewelry (...)

Great Women from the past

15 September, 2015
We launch today a new section in our Vintage blog: Great Women from the past We’re going to dedicate one of our sections to those women that, thanks (...)

Coco Chanel, the great lady of the French haute couture

10 September, 2015
Coco Chanel, the great lady of the French haute couture Within both Wars, Gabrielle Bonheur, better known as Coco Chanel, reved up fashion and haute couture (...)