The Vintage by Lopez-Linares “Floss”

12 May, 2015
Over the past few months I’ve been thinking of adding to our Historic Jewelry collection a line of vintage headdresses. However it’s not easy at all (...)

Out of Africa

20 March, 2013
“I had a house in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong hills…” just hearing this phrase already sounds like a melody to me. I can’t speak (...)

Pretending to be…

20 February, 2013
I already told you in my January log that I’d started the year by attending a portrait workshop called “I love me”. The workshop is lead by Rebeca (...)

Those little things…

16 January, 2013
Those little things… Small details that are capable of brightening my day and topping up my excitement. Stories that coincidentally reach my hands. (...)

Downton Abbey

28 November, 2012
The third season of “Downtown Abbey” starts today. The famous Anglo drama series has been a resounding success with both its Spanish and International (...)

The Mg-Tc

22 November, 2012
It is rare that one Sunday such an attractive plan as this should come up. A few weeks ago a good friend called to tell me that he had bought an MG. I (...)

The Pramotor

12 November, 2012
The amount of curious things that one can find whilst surfing the internet one afternoon is incredible. The other day, without even having to go anywhere, (...)

Hopper: My inspiration

9 September, 2012
Edward Hopper will be in Madrid until 16th September. The ‘Thyssen Bornemisza’ Museum hosts this magnificent selection of 73 of the North American (...)

Vogue, 120 years of history

3 September, 2012
Its history begins at the end of the Nineteenth Century and it is known as the fashion bible. Vogue magazine was born in the United States in 1892, founded (...)

The ‘Garçon’ Look (1920-1930)

18 April, 2012
The Twenties gave way to the beginning of our emancipation. The fact that we achieved the free vote for the first time in this decade, after a great struggle (...)