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“Gema Molina & Social With It”

15 February, 2013

Gema Molina is a journalist that has been living in London for a few years now. Her passion: social media, what do they mean in today’s world and the revolution that they have already started in the online world.

Creator of the blog Social With It a place that was born with the aim to keep up-to-date in an easy and accessible way a community of social media lovers and specialists with different views since the online evolution of the social media it’s different in each country. The goal is simple, to offer small businesses a guide so they can dive with success in the social media world. She pays special attention to communicate, share, or start debates about the hottest topics in your industry, both in English and Spanish, making the collaboration between communities seamless.

And for a few months now my right hand in the UK, my guide to lead the way in the market that loves antiquities and everything vintage, a market in which I would find difficult to progress without her valuable help and advice.

Gema is a passionate worker and constant fighter which allowed me to find in her my perfect complement since she puts in the work she does from the UK the same passion and creativity that I put in mine here.

I think that together we make a great couple at work, which makes me feel pretty confident that 2013 it’s going to be our year in the English-speaking countries.

Thanks a lot for your visit Gema, it has been a real pleasure to put a face on your emails after more than three months working together over the internet.

Best wishes.




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