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“Great Women from the past”

15 September, 2015

We launch today a new section in our Vintage blog: Great Women from the past

We’re going to dedicate one of our sections to those women that, thanks to their style, their personality, character or bravery, were a trendy symbol in their times.

Each one of them will have a very special piece, the jewel we are sure they would have chosen to wear in a given moment of their lives.

Our first guest is Norah Lindsay. Norah was a garden designer for a living, her clients were the high English society from inbetween both world wars which helped her become into one of the most important designers in the time in the UK and the rest of Europe.

She was born in India, within a family of high society Irish soldiers. When she was 22 she was married to Sir Harry Lindsay.


As a wedding gift, the couple was given a beautiful residence in Sutton, an idyllic and stunning place plenty of pretty little houses, barns and stables Norah used to develop her skills as a garden designer and landscapist.

After her failed marriage, with a deep finantial bankruptcy and thanks to the influence of another great lady of the gardening in England, Norah started a new and productive career as a garden designer.

She spent her whole life cultivating relashionships with the highest levels in society. Her designs can be seen in some of the most emblematic English houses across the country.

In this image, a simple portrait from the English painter and sculpter George Frederic Watts, Norah wears a sheer dress in chiffon and lace decorated with a georgeous bow in turquoise. The only accessory is a beautiful brooch in the left of her neckline.

We’ve selected this lovely Victorian-inspired brooch made with semiprecious stones that we think would perfectly fit this beautiful style.


@María López-Linares Vintage Photography



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