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“Hera: “Quod adfert tum lumen””

2 July, 2015

Hera: who brings the light to you

If you follow my blog very closely, you already know how excited I am with this project and how I love to closet he month with my photograph emulating a Baroque Still Even.

This month I had the chance of seeing the five previous photographies printed. I can ensure you the feeling I had when I saw them over paper had nothing to do with admiring the final result on a screen.

If I remember correctly, I told you before my inspiration comes from the painting of “vanity”, where luxurious scenes of fruits and flowers share the space with books, jars, coins, jewelry, paintings and musical or scientific instruments. All of them are objects with symbolic meanings. Here’s the link to our first article where we explained the project in detail.

Now the project is in its halfway point. I can’t help but buying books and books about antique paintings and keep enjoying every spare moment I have to learn about the huge masters of the Baroque painting.

June is dedicated to maternity, and Hera and Juno are my inspiration. June also is the month of pearls and roses.

Last Sunday, with our thermometers close to 40 degrees in Madrid, Hera was born: “Quod adfert tum lumen”

Remember that every fotography is unique and has been made after a precise study and planification.

I really hope you like it…

detalle-bodegon-junio-blog detalle-bodegon-junio-blog-1



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