Vintage online shop

At last!! Today is a very special day for all of us.

After nearly nine months of work, and many eyes, hands and heads looking, readjusting and checking everything… we are finally launching our new online shop.

From Vintage By Lopez-Linares all of us including Maria mother, Ana, Angel, myself and even some other members of our family have collectively participated on our most recent project, giving our opinions, helping out and becoming totally caught up in it. It has been a real team effort together with the creators, designers and programmers at Pixel & Pixel.

The project is ambitious. The shop is in both English and Spanish as we don’t only wish to deliver our magic to the Latin market or exclusively to the Spanish speaking world but also to wherever the internet permits us to reach; far, very far. We want Vintage By Lopez-Linares to cross all the barriers it comes across and transmit our illusion and excitement to all with whom it may meet.

We hope that the illusion and eagerness that we have given to this project (which will be launched today), will be reflected in our virtual space. We would love for you to share it with anyone who, like us, believes in a slightly more vintage world, a world that holds a magic and love for well made antique objects that have always provided us with a reason to work as antiquarians.

A thousand thanks to everyone…Maria mother, Maria, Angel and Ana