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“Types of earring fastenings”

24 May, 2013

With this simple blog entry we are going to review the different types of earring fastenings.


This is the most commonly used fastening due to its convenient comfort and because it is a kind of clasp that nearly everybody feels good with. The back part can be closed simply by pressing it together with the front part, either with a butterfly or screw design. The most secure is the screw, however, it is usually only found in children’s earrings. The butterfly fastening is the most common; it has a small hole that fits perfectly onto the post of the earring to ensure it does not slip.

In our shop we recommend placing small transparent silicone discs for those with slightly torn or misshaped orifices, these silicone discs are usually referred to as “magic discs”. They prevent the earring from drooping downwards and manage to keep the earring straight and tight to the ear. They really are marvelous.


This fastening is known for its comfort and security. It is a kind of fastening more often used in heavier or larger sized earrings as it ensures a better hold. Its name comes from a similarity to its form; a letter in the Greek alphabet.


The hook fastening can be open or closed, it is very comfortable and easy to wear, and perhaps because of this it is so popular with our clients.

The only drawback is that with the passing of the years our earlobes lose definition, this could result in the earring drooping a little, hence allowing too much of the earlobe to be seen.

The other possible drawback of this kind of fastening, especially if it is an “open hook”, is that the earring could slip out in a rapid movement or become caught in the hair resulting in the loss of an earring. For this reason, I always recommend the use of the silicone caps so that the earring is securely fastened, and we avoid any possible disappointments.

This problem disappears completely in the case of the closed hook. This fastening ensures that the earring will not slip out in a moment of carelessness.

It is true that this fastening doesn’t favor everyone; however, it is very popular throughout the younger generations.


The Catalan fastenings are halfway between the hook and push on clip closures. I will display a photograph depicting this kind of fastening below; it is like the push on clip fastenings but with a small lever behind.


This type of fastening is used by women that do not have pierced ears or that have worn or deteriorated earlobes.

Within this type of fastening we can find the normal clip on and the screw clip. The latter is rather difficult to come across, it was used quite a lot in the Sixties and I can also tell you that it is one of the most comfortable fastenings I have ever tried. It is a loose soft clip in which you can adjust the pressure on your earlobe to the strength you want.

Which one is your favorite?


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