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“Vintage Bonfire Night”

5 November, 2012


Tonight Great Britain celebrates the ¨Bonfire Night”. It is a tradition from the XVII.

In 1605 Guy Fawkes being so frustrated because of the discrimination the catholic were suffering ,he instigated a revolt and tried to burn the English Parliament with so many barrels of gunpowder.

He got caught and he was tortured until death.

Through all night of November the 5th people light bonfires and launches fireworks to remember this catholic hero.

Today we have remembered our english followers and we have brought this funny images founded on Internet

We wish you all a happy ¨Vintage Bonfire Night¨





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Awesome post! Thank you so much for spreading our local traditions amongst other countries’ users with these amazing pics!!

5 November, 2012 (10:39 amh) (Reply )

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