The jewels witness of the most touching love story in the Renaissance: Margherita Luti

4 November, 2014
According to the legend, Raffaello Sanzio, known as Raphael, fell in love with Margherita Luti while she was washing her feet under the Tiber river. The (...)

Your dreamy vintage wedding dress… Now in our new window

6 June, 2014
We’ve just realeased a new shop window design! Since we are in the favourite time of the year for couples to get married, we’ve decided to add a touch (...)

My Vintage Dictionary

9 January, 2014
We are starting 2014 off with a project about which I am extremely excited. Since last summer, I have been going round in circles trying to think of a (...)

“Atomicus” Dalí and Philippe Haslman

25 October, 2013
Today in our “Black and White Friday” I wanted to reminisce about the great master Dalí and the exhibition I was able to enjoy this summer in Madrid. (...)

Movie Wednesday

30 August, 2013
We are launching a new section this Wednesday, it’ll be our “Movie Wednesdays”. During this season, one day a week will be dedicated (...)