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“Jordi Gual’s style is disturbing at the very least.”

8 January, 2015

2014 ended a few days ago. So did my Project “12 meetings with Photographers” with the last master I’m reproducing and writing about; Jordi Gual.

It’s been a very special year for me and this Project has turned into a rewarding experience that has made me become a better person, both, personally and professionally.

From here on out, all of us members of “The Magic Lens” will spend our spare time in many other pending personal jobs, not together anymore though.

However I didn’t want to finish it without thanking you all for your support along 2014. Special thanks to Monica Giannini, Mapy Dh, Malén Martinez, Raquel Queiruga, Carola del Alisal, Fernando del Alisal and Rodrigo del Alisal, who made this Project feasable. A thousand thanks!!!

With Jordi Gual I definitely close 2014 and also “The Magic Lense”.

In just a few days you’ll know the new projects I have in mind for 2015. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my last art work of this Project:

Jordi Gual

Jordi Gual’s style is disturbing at the very least. He chose his daughters to be his musas. His older daughter who is blind, is the heart of his work because, according to his own words “Natalia’s eyes taught me how to see with a glance full of tension and ambiguity. I hate the fact that she is blind and love her with all my heart.”

However since there is no much Gual’s work on the Internet and December is for me specially hard in our vintage space, I only had time to make one picture. Hope you enjoy it!

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