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“The neutral Gursky”

4 September, 2014

Gursky, with his neutral and straightforward way of looking at the world, at the current society, has been our photographer protagonist to reproduce in August for the project with El Objetivo Magico.

His work focused in the architecture of vast panoramics and color, always under a point of view a bit too neutral and cold with regards to the reality we live nowadays.

Huge áreas, ofices, fabrics or other enormous work places where men stay backwards or he just doesn’t exist at all. Men are just simple toys for society.

Andreas Gursky is the most valued photographer nowadays worldwide. Each work of his can reach over 3 or 4 million. Beatriz Pina chose him in order to challenge us to reproduce his art in August. Believe me if I tell you I hated her because of that! Because of the difficulty, of course… It’s been extremely difficult to find some inspiration.

I am very content with having known his work and learnt to look at the photograph from a different point I used to. Try to emulate his neutrality towards society and see his work as a critic to what we’re building for our children has been enough to make me happy and all those hours dedicated to reproduce his art have been worth it.

Gursky’s images are not simple shots worth thousand euros. His original digital techniques and his way of work are what turn his pictures into truly art.

Here’s the result of my work with the only image I’ve been able to reproduce this month.

From here, I’d like to thank Beatriz Pina for helping me to understand other different way of photographing, and my colleagues from El Objetivo Magico for the patiente and dedication this month to face this challenge.

Proyecto Fotografico El Objetivo Magico - Gursky - Agosto - Vintage By Lopez-Linares

 Proyecto Fotografico El Objetivo Magico - Gursky - Agosto - Vintage By Lopez-Linares

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