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“Sarah Moon”

24 March, 2014

I guess you’ve never heard of her before but let me give you a few spots, show you some of her photos and you’ll soon realize you did know her work. You’ll feel you do know her.

Sarah Moon is the photographer who was behind the Anais-Anais from Cacharel launch campaign. Do you remember those romantic images that appeared together with the parfum? Those images that quickly became an icon back in the 80s? Well, all of them were shot by her.

She, Sarah, is an artist with a very special personality and her photos are unmistakable. She’s got international fame thanks to her rich, refined, smart and unique style.

The use of Polaroid films and the personal treatment she stamps over the negatives end in pictures that seem to be withdrawn from the past: black and white shots without actual white to dress all kind of scenerios and techniques like vignettes, out-of-focus photos, close eyes, blurry faces and rooms but overall, elegance, a bunch of elegance.


“Very often I envy those who know how to take shots of the life. I refuse it. I start from nothing, don’t testify about nothing. I make up a story that don’t tell about. I imagine a situation that doesn’t exist. I create a place and remove other. I move the light, unmake and then, try again…” Sarah Moon.

And now that you already know a bit more about Sarah Moon, let me tell you my story with her and her work over the past month.

I fall in love with her work from the very first second I knew about it, with all her photos. Then I started gathering in a folder those I wanted to reproduce, but that folder was getting heavier and heavier… I realized I needed a model, someone that let me catch Sarah’s essence, the beauty of her images, her serenity and hypersensitivity. So I called my friend Monica Gianninni. I told her my plan and she didn’t hesitate. She just accepted.

I was excited and truly nervous I have to admit. I went to her place with all my stuff: fabrics, head-dresses, powder compacts, scarves… The session took us over four hours out in her balcony. Monica is not only very pretty in the outside, as you can see in the photos, but also is very sensible and a has a special way to express and show beauty. That helped me a lot and made my work much easier.


Every time we meet we laugh out of loud but that evening we were very tired. According to Monica, the work of a model is very hard, and she is right. She got the essence of any of the roles she had to perform and played it brilliantly. A thousand thanks to Monica. Without her this project would not have been this good.







I shot the second half of the photos with Carola at home: I just needed a white sheet, a little spotlight at the background and my flash. I loved this session for the delicate style. Sarah Moon did this work for the Vogue magazine a few years ago.

azul-carola (1)



Then, I spent many hours editing with my Friends of adventures. The group in Facebook has been very active over the last weeks. Everyone wants to recommend something, suggest beautiful ideas… The work that my colleagues have done is just breathtaking. I’m talking here from my heart, don’t miss the photos of the rest of the group because they’re really worth it.

Here’s the link to Verónica´s blog, also to Araceli and Eva. Have also a look at the Beatriz ,  Iratxe, Sylvia and Sara´s  Flickr profile, and enjoy their wonderful work.

And of course, our joint blog: El Objetivo Mágico.

Another incredible month…

Special thanks to Mima Molina who taught be about Sarah Moon. She is her photographer but unfortunately Mima couldn’t take part this month in our project for a personal reason.

Also thank you very much to each of you that follow this exciting project every day.


4 comentarios acerca de “Sarah Moon

María López-Linares say:

Thanks a lot 😉

7 April, 2014 (9:36 amh) (Reply )

je peux ecrire en Français (merci)
je n’apprécie pas du tout cet Article et surtout ces photos sur la gauche en grand qui ne sont absolument pas se Sarah et peuvent pretter à confusion !!!! c’est vraiment insultant pour elle ,je suis une des femme qui a posé sur toutes ses photos ! je suis chockée quand à votre texte NON !!!il y a un ou deux film sur you tube où elle commente son travail !!! là on peut la connaitre et comprendre sa démarche ! enlever cet article vite fait !

10 December, 2015 (1:00 pmh) (Reply )
María López-Linares say:

“Nous sommes désolé, nous ne parlons pas francais”
Y luego en inglés:
This article shows a project for a photo school where we had to imitate pictures of masters of photography in order to understand them and try to learn from their techniques. This is said in the article, so there’s no chance of a confussion. Everyone who reads the post will know it’s an exercise. Thanks for your comment and so sorry you misunderstood.

11 December, 2015 (9:30 amh) (Reply )

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