My Vintage Dictionary

We are starting 2014 off with a project about which I am extremely excited. Since last summer, I have been going round in circles trying to think of a way to unite my passion for photography with the my passion for the world of Vintage.

For me, Vintage is a synonym for exclusivity, quality, good materials and, of course, craftsmanship. Vintage is the synonym for something well made in the past.

If I think about lace, velvet ribbons, wild flowers, old books, black and white photographs, hidden treasures in a chest, and furniture in an old attic, I am thinking about Vintage.

Vintage photography is a contagious fever. Editing in black and white, sepia or with textures is a whole art form, which takes us back to the beginning of photography when each photo was revealed without really knowing what was going to be found.

It was this passion for photography that lead me to create “My Vintage Dictionary”, a dictionary illustrated with photographs that try to recover the essence of antique, well-made pieces of jewelry.

The project will continue for a while. The idea is to create a series of photographs for each entry, special photographs with that retro air that I so love to give them, also to include a brief description which will help you understand better the origins and essence of each of the terms.

The manual work, well-made things, taste for details, and perfect finishes… these are the essences of Vintage and what I am going to try and transmit through “My Vintage Dictionary”.

I hope it will help in understanding a little more why I am so in love with this style, and also that you can join me in enjoying the magic that it transmits.

I await you all with “A” for “Aderezo” (Suite of jewelry)…