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“Those little things…”

16 January, 2013

Those little things… Small details that are capable of brightening my day and topping up my excitement.

Stories that coincidentally reach my hands. Stories unknown and unrevealed until this moment that make me think, remember certain moments and fill me with tenderness. Stories that I will never forget.

I bought this wedding dress in an auction in England. I had spent years looking for a 20’s wedding dress and I was fascinated by this one as soon as I saw it hanging. I bidded for it immediately and managed to buy it. The wait for it to arrive in my arms seemed eternal… It was delivered to me in Madrid in a simple old cardboard box. However my greatest surprise was when I opened the box to find a photograph of a bride and groom from the 20’s. I don’t have the slightest doubt that it is the bride showing off the dress that I had just received. A studio photograph made soon after the wedding, as was traditional in this period.

Why would anyone rid themselves of such a jewel of a dress? Why send the wedding photograph to the dress’ buyer?

I look at the faces in the photo and imagine the illusion in their smiles that they had both felt at that moment. An illusion that I share today, having the dress in my possession so many years later, and the ability to know who it was that got to enjoy it before I did.

One thing clear to me is that I will never get rid of either of these trophies.

Right now the dress is being displayed in my shop window whilst I show its veil, photograph and old box (why not?) to anyone interested in it.

Would you also like to enjoy this historical legacy?


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