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“With “P” for “Pulsera” (Bracelet)”

8 September, 2015

A bracelet is an jewel used as an accessory to decorate your wrist. It’s commonly made of links in different forms and sizes that give the piece flexibility to adapt to a variety of wrists. However, there’s a kind of rigid bracelet with no flexibility, known as “cuff bracelet”.

There are plenty of sort of bracelets. Here are the most common uses: A 7-bangle bracelet set, with seven equal rings; bracelets, those able to adapt and be flexible and bangles, a ring-shaped band or bracelet usually with an inscription.

Bracelets are accessories in jewelry used both by women and men. Over the years, this beautiful piece have got a huge fame among the society, since it’s a jewel you can use either during the day or night.


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