With “A” for “Alfiler” (Tie Pin)

14 July, 2015
A tie pin is an accessory commonly used by men that had a hit back in the 20s. This tiny piece clips the tie to the shirt so it can’t move. Sometimes, (...)

Harper’s Bazar

9 July, 2015
Harper’s Bazar has counted on us once again in the last edition. This article was however really special since the photographer was Alberto Garcia-Alix, (...)

Mata Hari, the goddess of the lies

7 July, 2015
Mata Hari’s story is the cronique of a lie. A well planned lie though that drove half Europe crazy during the World War. This great Dutch impostor, whose (...)

Hera: “Quod adfert tum lumen”

2 July, 2015
Hera: who brings the light to you If you follow my blog very closely, you already know how excited I am with this project and how I love to closet he month (...)

With “S” for “String”

30 June, 2015
In jewelry this term “string” is used to define a row of beads linked by a thread. We can differenciate strings with pearls, corals, gold or any other (...)

The first rings for men arrive to our vintage collection

23 June, 2015
We are truly glad to introduce the first ring for men we add to our Vintage Collection, the reproduction of a vintage piece that was worn by Cardinal Bernardo (...)

With R for Rascamoño (Ornamental Hairclasp)

16 June, 2015
Let me put this image in your head: long needles usually decorated in one of the two ends with stones in different colors. Women used them both to hold (...)

The Rothschild family treasures now in Boston

15 June, 2015
This month Boston is the heart of our recommended exhibition. Restoring a Legacy: Rothschild Family Treasures bring us to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (...)

Anita Delgado: The Spanish princess of Kapurthala

9 June, 2015
Back in the beginning of the 20th century, a powerful member of the royalty met a really beautiful – but modest origins- lady. He fell in love with her (...)

A brilliant wedding dress for a practical woman from half of the 19th century

2 June, 2015
Abigail Holmes chose for her wedding silk in golden color, which makes her different from the rest of the gown samples we’ve seen in this section “Iconic (...)