Maxima Maia, deam fruges vere rosam

27 May, 2015
May is a month dedicated to our elderlies, flowers and in general, to Spring. But also May si the month of the goddess who protects the humanity, the goddess (...)

With P for “Pendientes” (Earrings)

26 May, 2015
Also known as pendants, hoops or studs. It’s an ornament used both by men and women since the old times in order to decorate the earlobe. There are plenty (...)

Ada Lovelace, founder of programming

19 May, 2015
Maths and Scientific and modern Computing owes a lot to Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852, British). She was considered the first programmer in history, the (...)

The Vintage by Lopez-Linares “Floss”

12 May, 2015
Over the past few months I’ve been thinking of adding to our Historic Jewelry collection a line of vintage headdresses. However it’s not easy at all (...)

Fabergé Revealed: The fall of the Russian imperial family through his jewelry

5 May, 2015
If Vegas already is one of the most visited destinations worldwide, it’s lately becoming into one of the cultural preferences as well, due to the many (...)

Aphrodite emersum e spuma

I always love to close the month with something very special, you all know that already, so I’ve made a new Baroque Still Even photo this month. This (...)

The orient of the pearls

28 April, 2015
Do you know what “the orient of the pearls” means? The orient is the natural sparkle in a pearl, that iridescent shine so characteristic that differenciates (...)

Eleonora Gonzaga´s Jewerly

16 April, 2015
Tiziano made this Eleonora Gonzaga’s portrait back in 1537. The painting was created with an admirable accuracy and precision and it’s plenty of meaningful (...)

With “L” for “Lazo” (Bow)

14 April, 2015
Let’s understand “bow” here as a long fabric band that allows us to tie a piece in a decorative and creative way. A bowknot is a knot made with laces (...)

The history of the Spanish portraits

9 April, 2015
The exhibition goes across the whole history of the portraits in Spain, from Juan of Flandes to Antonio Lopez and offers an overall about the paintings (...)