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“Isabel Muñoz”

27 May, 2014

Trying to reproduce Isabel Muñoz’s art work has been the most worrying challenge I’ve faced since I decided to start back in January a 12-months work with my colleagues from El Objetivo Magico, copying one master work per month.

Isabel Muñoz was the master photographer to imitate this month, chosen by my colleague Sara Lagunas. And I can tell you it’s been very challenging to me to reproducing the work of one of the biggest talents in Spain.

Let me give you a few bites about her biography, not much though, since you can find a lot about her on the Internet. Her awards, travels and artwork could well fit the plot of a movie. Her series of the Cuban traditional dance, her Cambodian, Turkish or Kenian works or the amazing set of photographs about the children at the Beijing circus school are just a few breathtaking samples that amaze me.

The momento I sat down in front of her artwork I felt nervousness. I lost in thought every time I listen to her. It’s not only the light, how she treated the leather or her way of dealing with black and white what grab my attention. It’s her courage when capturing what she feels. That’s what makes me feel so small…

And now I’m supposed to take my Nikon camera with my inexperienced hands and to try to emulate one of these magnificent and full of passion pieces… That moment I wonder if I am embarrasing myself trying to copy her.

So I started studying her work, her editions, the way she treated the light and also I had to look for models for the session of pictures.

The momento I saw the series “Oriental” I thought on my friend Malen: She’s being dancing since I can remember… And that’s too long! Malen is a pharmacist but she spends every available second in the day to practice. Her passion for dancing and her extreme dedication are admirable. She can dance tango, tap dancing, the belly dance and any other saloon dance. However she’s not a professional, although her couple at dancing indeed is and actually dances for a group called “Sweet Twins STW”.

I was totally convinced I couldn’t find a better model to my purpose. Like all the biggest discoverings in life, this series of photographs came from a garaje… I hope you like them.






I’ve had a professional relationship with Mapy, my second model, since many years ago. She is our Creative Director, the head who actually turns to reality all my ideas on and off-line. Nowadays she also is a friend after so many years of work.

I loved chatting with her about her tattoos, how she managed to hide at home to keep them out of her parents sight and how she spent a Summer wearing a jacket until she succumbed to the sun and had to put it off.

Mapy is an illustrator, creative and graphic designer. Her body reflects her sensibility and art. You can read on her skin what she feel about painting, the masters she admires and follow. That’s why I thought of her when I saw the Isabel Muñoz’s series about gangs. Her tattoos grabbed my attention long time ago and I felt respect for the fact that she had her passion on her own body. To me that is so brave and beautiful at once…

This series came out from an evening at home.






I’d like to emphasise I feel the deepest respect for this amazing professional who is Isabel Muñoz. I’m only an amateur pretending to learn something by copying the biggest photographers in history.

Here’s her official website, in case you want to check her whole work.








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