With “P” for “Pulsera” (Bracelet)

8 September, 2015
A bracelet is an jewel used as an accessory to decorate your wrist. It’s commonly made of links in different forms and sizes that give the piece flexibility (...)

Do you want to get the look Gloria Vanderbilt has in the September edition of Vogue?

2 September, 2015
We’re back from holidays with very beautiful good news… We’ve just known the September edition of the magazine Vogue brings this amazing article… (...)

The wedding dress inspired in the Queen Victoria’s gown

21 July, 2015
Angelina Russell was married only six weeks after the Queen Victoria of England did. This wedding was a highlight of inspiration for bridal fashion in (...)

With “A” for “Alfiler” (Tie Pin)

14 July, 2015
A tie pin is an accessory commonly used by men that had a hit back in the 20s. This tiny piece clips the tie to the shirt so it can’t move. Sometimes, (...)

Harper’s Bazar

9 July, 2015
Harper’s Bazar has counted on us once again in the last edition. This article was however really special since the photographer was Alberto Garcia-Alix, (...)

Mata Hari, the goddess of the lies

7 July, 2015
Mata Hari’s story is the cronique of a lie. A well planned lie though that drove half Europe crazy during the World War. This great Dutch impostor, whose (...)

Hera: “Quod adfert tum lumen”

2 July, 2015
Hera: who brings the light to you If you follow my blog very closely, you already know how excited I am with this project and how I love to closet he month (...)