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“Philippe Halsman”

28 April, 2014

This month the protagonist has been Sylvia Pares, from El Objetivo Magico. She chose Philippe Halsman as our master to copy in the photographic proyect in April. And I’ve had again the help of Monia Giannini as my main model. To be honest, it’s because of her that this challenge has been possible to achieve. Her contribution this month has been even more enthusiastic than the past month with Sarah Moon.


Also I can’t forget to mention other contributors like the restorer Gustavo Santano, who prepared for us the bird made in cardboard that we used in the Tipi Hedren’s picture. Rodrigo, on the other hand posed in front of the camera with a young Marlon Brandon style.


Let me tell you a bit more about Philippe Halsman, our hero this month. He started his career as a Photographer in Paris back in the 30s. He loved using a innovative reflex-style camera with double lense that he designed himself. Halsman opened his own study in 1934.

When France was defeated in 1940 he had to leave the country and reached the United States thanks to Albert Einstein’s help. Over there he got started a metheoric career that took him to be the protagonist in 101 covers of the magazine Life. In addition he was required to take photos of the most relevant politicians and other celebrities in the country, like Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, The Kennedy family among others.


Halsman also cooperated with Salvador Dali for 37 years. As a result, they launched loads of unusual photos named in series like Dali Atomicus or Dali’s Mustache… I had the chance to watch a few of them in a showroom last Summer in Madrid.

By the beginning of the 50s, Halsman started asking their models to jump right in the moment of the shot. These unique and full of energy images have become in an important part of his legacy.

All my colleagues from El Objetivo Magico and myself decided by the mid of the month to take photos of people jumping. It was the funniest experience in months!

If you have a camera nearby, just try it with family and friends!

Loads of laughs are guaranteed…

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Sylvia say:

Sólo puedo decir que sois espectaculares. ¡Felicidades a las dos!

29 April, 2014 (6:43 amh) (Reply )

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