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“To Catch a Thief”

21 May, 2014

Year: 1955.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.


Cary Grant (John Robie).

Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens).

Jessie Royce Landis (Jessie Stevens).

John Williams (H. H. Hughson).

atrapa-un-ladron (4) Awards:

Oscar to Best Cinematography, Color.

Also nominated to the Oscar to Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color and Best Costume Design.

Nominada to the Satellite Award for Best Classic DVD in 2009.

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated to the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1955.

Nominated to the Writers Guild of America Awar to the Best Writter American Comedy in 1956.

atrapa-un-ladron (1)Curiosities:

  • The road where the chase with Cary Grant was shot was the same where Grace Kelly died.
  • The actress Brigitte Auber shows off about being younger than Grace Kelly in the scene with the floating platform. The Princess was only one year and a half older.
  • The acress Jessie Royce Landis makes the role of mother-in-law to be. In the movie North by Northwest she plays the role of the mother.
  • According to the script, Cary Grant should be 35 years old. He was 50 in real life.
  • John Robie says in one of the scenes of the movie that he was a trapeze artista in an European Circus. That was a detail taken from Cary Grant’s real life.
  • The two main characters are considered the eithgth hottest couple in cinema.
  • The French actor Charles Vanel (Bertani) didn’t speak English. He had to be doubled.
  • Grace Kelly’s car in the movie is a Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Sports Mk I roadster.
  • In the first scenes a black cat intentionally appear. John Robie was known as “the cat”.
  • Alfred Hitchcock shows himself sat in a bus close to Cary Grant

atrapa-un-ladron (6)Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar. He always was ignored by Hollywood like a few other actors. He however ended up becoming into the best director in the history of Cinema.

Cary Grant is magnificent in his role of a white-glove thief. Grace Kelly was not the only one who felt in love with him in the movie because of his character. Many women from that epoque also did. No one else but the great Gentleman Cary Grant could have played the role of that lovely thief.

And also Grace Kelly seems to fit perfectly in the role of a manipulative and cold woman.

Comedy, adventures, action and intrigue… And a romance with a happy ending of course.

This is Cinema made with a very good taste.


Unforgettable scenes:


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