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“Will the Tradition for Veiled Brides Return?”

25 April, 2012

The tradition of the bride entering her wedding ceremony with a veil covering her face, so habitual in the Fifties and Sixties, disappeared little by little, until today when we find it extremely rare to see a veiled bride at a wedding.

When this tradition came into fashion it became popular to see the brides entering into church wearing veils. They excitedly walked down the aisle on the arm of their godfather, whilst all the guests contemplated their entry in admiration. Waiting at the altar, you would find the impatient and nervous groom. However, just before handing the bride over to her future husband, the godfather would reveal the bride’s face. The bride, now without veil, would dazzle in her abundant happiness during the rest of the ceremony, the groom being the first to admire her in all her splendour.


At the beginning, the brides kept the veil on until the priest pronounced the two most waited for words to the groom: “You may kiss the Bride”. In this moment, the now-husband would lift the veil covering his bride; he would place it carefully over her shoulders and kiss her. What a transcendental moment for a woman! Can you imagine the amount of times that the groom would have had to be explained how to arrange the veil in order for it to be placed favourably for the bride?

With the passing of the years the tradition changed slightly, as seen as it wasn’t very becoming for the bride to remain veiled during practically the entire ceremony. Her face remained covered and the photographs taken weren’t very flattering.  

The wedding photos that delight me, yet at the same time seem to me to be flattering for the bride, are those in which you see the veiled bride stepping out of her wedding car. This star-studded moment, in which the bride places her foot on the ground as she steps out of the wedding car, unveiling the best kept secret of the occasion: the wedding dress. The moment in which so much dedication and so many illusions and efforts are publicly shown is full of emotion and sensations for all women. In this moment all the brides are brimming with happiness. The photographs leave a record of all the hard work for later, in order to achieve the most dazzling day possible. This is why I love to see the brides entering whilst covered by a veil, for me, this adds a halo of mystery and glamour to the moment.  


I would love to see this tradition come back. On some occasions I have mentioned it to some of the brides that have approached out Vintage space, in search of some special and different piece for such a significant day. I must say that I have had the pleasant surprise in having one of the brides agree with me that it would be beautiful to see the return of this tradition.

What about you, would you like to enter wearing a veil on your wedding day?



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