With R for Rascamoño (Ornamental Hairclasp)

16 June, 2015
Let me put this image in your head: long needles usually decorated in one of the two ends with stones in different colors. Women used them both to hold (...)

With “L” for “Lazo” (Bow)

14 April, 2015
Let’s understand “bow” here as a long fabric band that allows us to tie a piece in a decorative and creative way. A bowknot is a knot made with laces (...)

Joan Crawford’s jewelry collection

24 March, 2015
Most of the Joan Crawford’s jewelry collection was auctioned right after her death. Although other part had already gone before she left us, Joan Crawford (...)

With “H” for “Hebilla” (Buckle)

17 March, 2015
Every belt needs a piece to be closed and tight to the wrist. In the antiquity it was very common to see these jewels in silver decorated with semiprecious (...)

D” for “Damascene”- Crafwork from Toledo

17 February, 2015
Toledo is a Spanish city known by the famous damascene craftwork. Paying a visit to Toledo will show you places where still today you’ll find the most (...)

With “E” for “Estras” (Strass or Rhinestone)

3 February, 2015
A flint glass with a high lead content, used to imitate gemstones A flint glass used to imitate gemstones and create therefore fantasy jewelry. The name (...)

With “B” for “Brooch”

6 January, 2015
The root of a brooch is the fibula, a piece as old as the Bronze Age. The use like we know it today – piece of jewelry – started during the Classic (...)

With “A”: for Aljófar Pearl

9 December, 2014
That curious name “aljófar” comes from the Arabic language. It means: small pearl or group of them with irregular shape. The poets use this word more (...)

Key after key

4 December, 2014
In a chapter from the acclaimed series House of Cards, a crafty Kevin spacey has to write a very important letter and he decides to do it with a Underwood (...)

With “T” for “Tiara”

25 November, 2014
First of all, I’d like to differentiate “tiara” from “diadem”, although the origin is the same. The best place to wear a tiara is the front of (...)