With “S” for “Sortija” (Ring)

11 November, 2014
A ring is hoop thick or thin that is used as an accessory to decorate fingers. The original name is anellus, coming from Latin. We have proof that many (...)

A vintage wool factory

6 November, 2014
If you are a vintage lover and happens to come to Spain for a visit, don’t miss within the heart of Pont d’Arsèguel (Alt Urgell, in Lleida) this amazing (...)

With “R” for “Rosary beads”

28 October, 2014
A rosary is a strand of beads ending in a cross that is used to lead the prayer. Back in the past the beads were made with dry roses, that’s the reason (...)

“P” for “Peineta” or Spanish Haircomb

14 October, 2014
A “peineta” (the Spanish term for “haircomb”) is a female accesory similar to a comb with a convex boday linked to an area plenty of teeth. This (...)

The Frigate “Mercedes”: The injustice of the 19th Century… And the pillaging of the 21st

9 October, 2014
The Frigate “Mercedes” has finally arrived to port… To a free exhibition that your kids will love. So if you plan coming to Madrid in October, don’t (...)

A Century of Street Style

2 October, 2014
The fact that the street photo style phenomenon was born with Scott Schuman is like saying this gentelman invented the hot water. “There is no news under (...)

With O: Object d’Art or Bibelot

30 September, 2014
An “Object of Art” is a small high quality decorative ítem, very valued by collectors. They are pieces often made in reach materials like gold, silver, (...)

With N for: “Nacre

16 September, 2014
The nacre (also called mother of pearl) is the internal layer of the mollusc’s shells. The seashells with the most beautiful nacre are the haliotidae (...)

With M: Miniature

2 September, 2014
It seems the name comes from the word “mimium” (red lead oxide), a substance used as a component to make the ink for the illustrations in the old codex. (...)

With L: “Lapis Lazuli”

18 July, 2014
“Blue Gold” – Lapis Lazuli: Sacred stone for antique Egyptians and commonly used in their temples, decorations and funeral ornaments. They actually (...)