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“The Apartment”

16 July, 2014

Year: 1960.

Director: Billy Wilder.


Jack Lemmon (C. C. Baxter).

Shirley MacLaine (Fran Kubelik).

Fred MacMurray (Jeff D. Sheldrake).

Ray Walston (Joe Dobisch).

the-apartment Awards:

  • It won 5 Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Writing, Best Art Direction and Best Film Editing.
  • It also was nominated to Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Cinematography and Best Sound.



  • Before The Artist (2011) this was the last Black and White movie to win an Oscar.
  • This is funny… Baxter is a poor accountant with no much money but curiously there are two Tiffany lamps on his appartment…
  • Shirley MacLaine knew about the script drop by drop since Wilder didn’t want her to know how the story was developing.
  • Whe the script was written Wilder had already thought of Jack Lemmon for the main character.
  • Rumors say that Billy Wilder put antifreeze on top of Jack Lemmon during the scene where he has to fall asleep under the rain in Central Park.
  • The producer wanted to have Groucho Marx for the role of Dreyfuss, but Wilder refused to do so.
  • The magazine Premiere voted the movie as one of the best 50 comedies of all times.


Here’s one more master piece from Wilder. His success was overwhelming by the time. In this case, a fool who was the accountant in a powerful Company gets help from his boss who allows him to go to his appartment  for trysts.

However, the appearance of Shirley MacLaine in the scene changes all plans. Jack Lemmon, who used to do roles of “poor but honest men” does a brilliant performance turning over the typical lonely man role, that man who lives in a society where materialism and economic power are over people feelings.

But love finally is what turns the grey man into the bravest among the brave men.

Wilder plays once again with human emotions, laughing out loud and making us laugh out loud.

One more comedy you shouldn’t miss…


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