The history of the Spanish portraits

9 April, 2015
The exhibition goes across the whole history of the portraits in Spain, from Juan of Flandes to Antonio Lopez and offers an overall about the paintings (...)

Martis, belli et fertilitatem deum

29 March, 2015
I always love to end the month with something special, and this year, my golden brooch is my project “Baroque Still Evens”, a project that takes me (...)

With “H” for “Hebilla” (Buckle)

17 March, 2015
Every belt needs a piece to be closed and tight to the wrist. In the antiquity it was very common to see these jewels in silver decorated with semiprecious (...)

With “G” for “guardapelo” (locket)

3 March, 2015
The name comes from the traditional use of this jewel: small pendant with a tiny box in it where you can keep a lock, a little photography or a miniature. (...)

Ges Rules

23 February, 2015
Her name is Esther, but her alias is Ges Rules. She is my emerging photographer for February. When she was born back in 1970, she opened her eyes very (...)

Shoes: centuries of Pleasure and Pain

19 February, 2015
The V&A Museum in London will show this year exciting exhibitions that we from Lopez-Linares Vintage Jewelry would love to recommend if you happen (...)

Filippo Lippi and his Madonna pearl brooch

12 February, 2015
Let me show you today a jewel inspired in one of the Filippo Lippi’s most emblematic paintings. A small pearl brooch that the Madonna wears in Madonna (...)

Jane Goodall, a life devoted to primates protection

10 February, 2015
Focusing your life in a passion is not easy and just a few make it a success, like the British Jane Goodall (London 1934) did. She was one of the most (...)

Chaplin’s vintage jewelry

27 January, 2015
It’s said Paulette Goddard’s passion with jewelry started in the early 30’s, right after she got secretly married with Charles Chaplin. Then it became (...)

Mary Waters’s Spitafields silk bride dress

13 January, 2015
She chose a very daring wedding dress design for the time. A fascinating dress made in silk from Spitafields in green decorated with flowers in salmon, (...)