Chiti Chiti Bang Bang

16 December, 2012
If there is one film that continues to excite me and that I always look forward to seeing over Christmas (as I think they repeat it every year) it is “ChittyChittyBangBang”. (...)

Ahasuerus Fromanteel And Galileo

5 December, 2012
Since Angel has been involved with the blog’s more technical articles, I have discovered a significant amount of extremely curious things that I never (...)

Rita Hayworth

27 November, 2012
Our vintage icon goes today to Rita Hayworth! ¨The Goddess of love¨ A star able to alter the dreams of any man in the world A myth of the big screen, (...)

The Mg-Tc

22 November, 2012
It is rare that one Sunday such an attractive plan as this should come up. A few weeks ago a good friend called to tell me that he had bought an MG. I (...)

Marlon Brando

20 November, 2012
Our vintage icon goes today to Marlon Brando! ¨The unruly Duke¨ With an impressive gift to interpreting, an attractive image,athletic and masculine, (...)

The Pramotor

12 November, 2012
The amount of curious things that one can find whilst surfing the internet one afternoon is incredible. The other day, without even having to go anywhere, (...)

Vintage Bonfire Night

5 November, 2012
  Tonight Great Britain celebrates the ¨Bonfire Night”. It is a tradition from the XVII. In 1605 Guy Fawkes being so frustrated because of (...)

100 weeks of Icons!

23 October, 2012
One Vintage icon a week. 100 characters who have managed to become inspirations for artists, designers and photographers through their image, personal (...)

Vintage online shop

18 October, 2012
At last!! Today is a very special day for all of us. After nearly nine months of work, and many eyes, hands and heads looking, readjusting and checking (...)


8 October, 2012
The Aston Martin DB5, had you heard about this super car before? Perhaps the name doesn’t ring a bell for you, however if I were to tell you that it (...)