“Janus a principio ad finem”

29 January, 2015
A Still Life is the modern name for the “dead nature” art: a painting or a picture that represents animals, flowers and other objects that may come (...)

Leila Amat and her Emergent Bamboo

27 January, 2015
With Leila Amat I’m starting a new project. After a post I read in her blog –which I follow very often- I decided I should collect emerging photos (...)

With “C” for “Colgante” (Pendant)

20 January, 2015
The definition within the jewelry industry is “a hanging ornament on a necklace” We can differentiate two types of pendants: Loose pendants: Those (...)

Jordi Gual’s style is disturbing at the very least.

8 January, 2015
2014 ended a few days ago. So did my Project “12 meetings with Photographers” with the last master I’m reproducing and writing about; Jordi Gual. (...)

Helmut Newton, the polemic photographer

27 November, 2014
Here I am again, one month more, working on my project with El Objetivo Magico (The Magic Lens) Sometimes it’s overwhelming to face how quickly the months (...)

Vivian Maier, the magetism of the daily nature

30 October, 2014
Vivian Maier (1926-2009) left an impressive photographic legacy. You might have enjoyed a tiny part of her job in an exhibition last Summer in Valladolid (...)

The neutral Gursky

4 September, 2014
Gursky, with his neutral and straightforward way of looking at the world, at the current society, has been our photographer protagonist to reproduce in (...)

Richard Avedon

31 July, 2014
One more month with my project “The Magic Lens”. Time passes by so quickly! Our protagonist this month has been my friend Araceli Calabuig who chose (...)

Toni Catany

1 July, 2014
June ended and I’d like to close this month with this very special post. My photographic proyect in El Objetivo Mágico (The Magic Lens), where we have (...)

Isabel Muñoz

27 May, 2014
Trying to reproduce Isabel Muñoz’s art work has been the most worrying challenge I’ve faced since I decided to start back in January a 12-months work (...)