With J: Jewel or “Jewelry”

27 June, 2014
Today, let me talk from my own experience. To me, a jewel is a piece that given its sentimental value is worthy of being considered such, regardless of (...)

With “I” for “Inca”

9 June, 2014
Inca: Ancient’s inca jewelry, from the pre-Columbian era. Indian tribes used to make this sort of jewelry with different techniques, depending of the (...)

Japanese Art

3 June, 2014
The Eurpean interest for the Japanese art started in mid 19th Century. It happened thanks to the opening of the commerce with Orient with London and Paris. (...)

With H: “Huevo de Pascua” (Easter Egg)

26 May, 2014
A “Huevo de Pascua” (Easter Egg) is a unique jewel for exhibits made by the Russian jeweller Carl Fabergé. Those eggs were made in gold, glaze and (...)

3rd Edition Jewelry of the History

12 May, 2014
We are celebrating the third edition of our Show “Replicas of Jewelry of the History”. After the great success of our two previous editions and also (...)

With G for “Gemelos” (Cufflinks)

14 April, 2014
Cufflink: A fastener made with two pieces linked to a little rod or through a small chain. It’s used to close the cuffs in a shirt. The cufflinks are (...)

With “F”: for “Filigree”

31 March, 2014
The word filigree comes from the latin filum, which means “thread”, and “, so a filigree is literally a granulated thread. However it is in fact (...)

With “E”: for Enamel

17 March, 2014
“E” for “Enamel” The vitreous enamel is a material made in powdered glass mixed with metalic oxides in order to give the piece an immense variety (...)

With D: for Diadem

27 February, 2014
According to the legend, the Greek Dionysus was who first invented the head decoration called nowadays band. Actually the word diadem (as a band synonym) (...)

“Mickey Mouse and Seamboat Willie”

29 November, 2013
Last 18th of November Mickey Mouse turned 85 years old since Mr. Walt Disney and his partner that time Ublweks created the most likeable cartoon celebrity. (...)