Philippe Halsman

28 April, 2014
This month the protagonist has been Sylvia Pares, from El Objetivo Magico. She chose Philippe Halsman as our master to copy in the photographic proyect (...)

Sarah Moon

24 March, 2014
I guess you’ve never heard of her before but let me give you a few spots, show you some of her photos and you’ll soon realize you did know her work. (...)

Francesca Woodman

24 February, 2014
Each month will come with its own difficulties, I have that clear. Sometimes it’ll be tech issues, some other times problems with the team, knowledge (...)

Vila Bakery

13 February, 2014
The “Forn de la Vila” (Vila Bakery) of Forcall.  A bread oven dating back to the Eighteenth Century. The second surprise that my morning stroll (...)

In Forcall, two surprising things happened to me

13 January, 2014
In Forcall, two surprising things happened to me. The first was meeting Pep Orti. Pep stopped me in the street, it was 9:00am and I had been taking shots (...)

The Art of “Ronqueo”

26 November, 2013
One of the things that I wanted to do when I found out that I would be spending a few days in Cadiz, was to get up on day at the break of dawn and go down (...)

“Atomicus” Dalí and Philippe Haslman

25 October, 2013
Today in our “Black and White Friday” I wanted to reminisce about the great master Dalí and the exhibition I was able to enjoy this summer in Madrid. (...)

Vivian Maier

7 June, 2013
One hundred and twenty images presented as “Street Photographer”, however, they are only one tiny part of Vivian Maier´s (1926-2009) photographic (...)

Pretending to be…

20 February, 2013
I already told you in my January log that I’d started the year by attending a portrait workshop called “I love me”. The workshop is lead by Rebeca (...)

Those little things…

16 January, 2013
Those little things… Small details that are capable of brightening my day and topping up my excitement. Stories that coincidentally reach my hands. (...)