Year: 1956.

Director: George Stevens.


Rock Hudson (Jordan Benedict).

Elizabeth Taylor (Leslie Benedict).

James Dean (Jett Rink).

Carroll Baker (Luz Benedict).

Dennis Hopper (Jordan Benedict III).

Giant (4)Awards:

Oscar to the Best Director.

Nominated to Best Picture, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (James Dean),  Best Actor in a Leading Role (Rock Hudson), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Mercedes McCambridge), Best Writing, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing and Best Music.

The movie also won many other nominations and awards you can find here: IMDB



  • One night by mid of the shot Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson met for drinks. The following morning at 5 am they had to performance a love scene. Fortunately they didn’t have to talk much, because they both were totally drunk! During the shot a few people from the team felt very emotional because the couple was doing a perfect and emotive performance.
  • After James Dean’s death, Nick Adams had to get a double for the rest of the scenes left.
  • Carroll Baker, whose role was as Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter, was in fact older than she was. Dennis Hopper, her son, was only 4 years younger.
  • Ironically, James Dean made an ad about driving safety. He recommended the viewers “Drive carefully because the life you save could be my own”. Two weeks after that advertisement, he died in a car accident.
  • Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn were two of the options for the main female character. Rock Hudson chose Elizabeth Taylor though. The candidates for the actor in leading role were William Holden, John Wayne, Forrest Tucker and Sterling Hayden. Clarck Gable was not an option due to his age.
  • Alan Ladd could have been done Jett Rink’s role. His wife didn’t allow him to do it though. Robert Mitchum and Montgomery Clift were also other possibilities.
  • Jett Rink’s character was inspired in Glenn McCarthy’s real life, a Texan oil magnate.
  • The huge painting in the “rancho Benedict” is nowadays in the Hotel Menger in San Antonio, Texas.
  • James Dean was living his role so much that always wore Jett Rink’s clothes.
  • The movie was one full year in edition.
  • Although the first Budget was 2 million dollars, the film ended up costing up to 5. However, the movie was the biggest Warner’s success in cinemas that far.

Giant (3)

It was the beginning of the era of big blockbusters. Cinema industry was millionaire and at last after the post-war crisis, there was money to cover all.

Jack Warner decided to produce this epic movie about power, money and the social change, everything because of the discovering of oil in Texas. From the red-neck farmer, who spent the day looking after farm animals, to the much more powerful magnates (equally red-neck guys, though)

The couple in the main role will specially grab your attention. Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor are an unusual pair with a great magnetic attraction over the screen. It’s not weird. They were very good Friends and perfectly knew each other.

This was the last movie for James Dean. He finished his leyend thanks to a role where the insolence and arrogance were his principal feature.

Unfortunately, this huge movie was adapted years later to a small-budget tv series that stole the magnificence of the initial Giant.

This is with no doubt one of the Hollywood blockbuster you cannot miss.





Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause

Year: 1955.

Director: Nicholas Ray.


James Dean (Jim Stark).

Natalie Wood (Judy).

Sal Mineo (John “Plato” Crawford).

Jim Backus (Frank Stark).

Rebel Without a Cause (1)


Nominated for 3 Oscars: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Sal Mineo), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Natalie Wood) and Best Writing.

Rebel Without a Cause (4)


  • Wearing a t-shirt was not very usual back then. However since James Dean wore one in this movie, sales shot up.
  • The three main actors died in tragic ways. James Dean suffered a car accident, Sal Mineo was stabbed to death and Natalie Wood drowned. In addition, Edwad Platt who had a smaller role in the film, committed suicide in 1973.
  • The knives appearing in a fight scene are real. Actors wore doublets under their clothes.
  • James Dean was able to act in this movie because Elizabeth Taylor was pregnant and Giant was delayed.
  • Unfortunately, James Dean died before the movie was released.
  • Nicholas Ray dealt with real street gangs before the movie was shot.
  • Paul Newman was the first option for Jim Stark’s role. Marlon Brando even made a role casting.

Rebel Without a Cause (17)

  • Although his role was as a teenager, James Dean already was 24.
  • The candelabrum that Jim, Judy and Plato takes in a scene, was made with light bulbs and cables hidden in Sal Mineo’s jacket.
  • The plot lasts exactly one day.
  • The role of Sal Mineo was pretended to clearly be homosexual. The name of Plato was inspired on Platon, Greek philosopher who happened to be homosexual.
  • Nicholas Ray seems to appear en the final scene. It’s the one walking to the tower. It’s said he used to appear in all his movies, although it’s just a rumor so far.
  • The real first scene of the movie was cut off due to its violence: it was a scene with a gang assaulting a father and you could see how a toy dropped from his hands. Instead, the Director decided to shot James Dean with a toy in his hand.
  • At first Natalie Wood seemed to be too naive for this movie.
  • The beginning of the film was shot in black and white.

Rebel Without a Cause (5)

With no doubt, something was changing in cinema those days. After so many romantic movies with a happy end and also those where the hero fights and beats the “bad guys”, something different was needed. No one had gone so far with a movie.

Nicholas Ray realized there was a niche still untouched. Young people needed to be heard in a movie. They were shaking the society up and they deserved to be listened to.

There were no more happy ends. Love, sex, drugs, music and above all the extreme competition among young people had to be reflected in the big screen.

There were parents who were shocked after watching this film since the didn’t know what their sons and daughters used to do out in the streets. Society was about to be changed. Rock and roll was in its roots. The explosion of libety happened a little after.

This is a movie to see in order to understand the changes that happened during the 20th Century.


rebelde-sin-causa (17)


Rebel Without a Cause (7)


Imágenes detrás de la cámara en:





To Catch a Thief

Year: 1955.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.


Cary Grant (John Robie).

Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens).

Jessie Royce Landis (Jessie Stevens).

John Williams (H. H. Hughson).

atrapa-un-ladron (4) Awards:

Oscar to Best Cinematography, Color.

Also nominated to the Oscar to Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color and Best Costume Design.

Nominada to the Satellite Award for Best Classic DVD in 2009.

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated to the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1955.

Nominated to the Writers Guild of America Awar to the Best Writter American Comedy in 1956.

atrapa-un-ladron (1)Curiosities:

  • The road where the chase with Cary Grant was shot was the same where Grace Kelly died.
  • The actress Brigitte Auber shows off about being younger than Grace Kelly in the scene with the floating platform. The Princess was only one year and a half older.
  • The acress Jessie Royce Landis makes the role of mother-in-law to be. In the movie North by Northwest she plays the role of the mother.
  • According to the script, Cary Grant should be 35 years old. He was 50 in real life.
  • John Robie says in one of the scenes of the movie that he was a trapeze artista in an European Circus. That was a detail taken from Cary Grant’s real life.
  • The two main characters are considered the eithgth hottest couple in cinema.
  • The French actor Charles Vanel (Bertani) didn’t speak English. He had to be doubled.
  • Grace Kelly’s car in the movie is a Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Sports Mk I roadster.
  • In the first scenes a black cat intentionally appear. John Robie was known as “the cat”.
  • Alfred Hitchcock shows himself sat in a bus close to Cary Grant

atrapa-un-ladron (6)Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar. He always was ignored by Hollywood like a few other actors. He however ended up becoming into the best director in the history of Cinema.

Cary Grant is magnificent in his role of a white-glove thief. Grace Kelly was not the only one who felt in love with him in the movie because of his character. Many women from that epoque also did. No one else but the great Gentleman Cary Grant could have played the role of that lovely thief.

And also Grace Kelly seems to fit perfectly in the role of a manipulative and cold woman.

Comedy, adventures, action and intrigue… And a romance with a happy ending of course.

This is Cinema made with a very good taste.


Unforgettable scenes:


Grace of Mónaco

It will be released in a few days. I’ve been looking forward to this moment over the past year and now Grace of Monaco will be on theatres soon.

The movie has opened the 67th edition of the Cannes Festival (May 14th to 25th) and after a few days, it will come to our closest cinemas. The film, directed by Olivier Dahan and casted by Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth and the Spanish actress Paz Vega, among others, focuses in one year of Grace’s life: 1962. Back then the situation between France and Monaco was truly delicate and Grace’s political role was crucial.

Most of the fashion and glamour lovers are excited about the movie. I am indeed, so I put my back on getting something amazing ready to celebrate the release. So one year ago I started a deep research about the jewelry that the Princess loved the most. My intention was pay her homage these days, when her life is being remembered worldwide.

That’s the way my new collection “Grace” was born: A series of a necklace, earrings, a brazalet and a tiara made in silver and zirconia. A collection I’ll launch to all of you this Tuesday May 20th in our space in Madrid. And you are invited to join us if you happen to be around here!  Otherwise, you also can follow our event across social networks using the hashtags #GraceKelly and #HistoricJewels.

All details about the exhibition: Show Grace

Grace Kelly become one of the most acclaimed royal Princesses ever thanks to her elegance, distinguished education and her natural beauty. To be honest, she’s been a source of inspiration to us in Vintage by Lopez-Linares.

I won’t miss the release. Don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts about the movie and, better yet, come over to my space during the exhibition (opened until June 30th) and chat about it with me!


El septimo


Year: 1954.

Director: Billy Wilder.


Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina).

Humphrey Bogart (Linus Larrabee).

Wlliam Holden (David Larrabee).

John Wlliams (Thomas Fairchild).

sabrina (2)


It won 1 Oscar to the Best Costume Design, Black and White.

Nominated to Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Cinematography B&W and Best Art Direction-Set Decoration B&W.

The movie won many other awards I invite you to check in the IDBM website.

sabrina (9)Curiosities:

  • Audrey Hepburn and William Holden had a romance during the shot of the movie.
  • Humphrey Bogart replaced Cary Grant in the film. He and William Holden didn’t get along well. Bogart didn’t approve Audrey’s work since he wanted her wife Lauren Bacall in the main role. When Audrey was asked how was to work with Bogart, she replied: It’s ok as long as you don’t mind to repeat the same scene 20 times”
  • Although it was Edith Head who won the Oscar to the Best Costume Design, it was Givenchy who designed most of the clothes Audrey Hepburn wore. From then onwards, he was her favourite designer.
  • This was the second movie where Audrey Hepburn had short hair as a symbol of madurity. It’s also the second movie where she had an affair with a man who almost doubled her age.
  • When Linus takes Sabrina to the theatre they watched The Seven Year Itch. It actually was the next project for Billy Wilder. It was mentioned twice during the movie.
  • Givenchy thought he was to design the models for Katharine Hepburn, since he never heard of Audrey Hepburn before.
  • Critic was specially cruel with Bogart as they thought he didn’t fit the role.  They considered William Holden much better as Linus and other younger actor in David’s role.
  • The ranch where the movie was shot was own by the Paramount’s President.

sabrina (8)

Once again the recurrent story of the Cinderella, this time though adding a really young Audrey Hepburn in the role of Sabrina. After the success and the Oscar won for Roman Holidays, the glory and the famous were around her. Despite the bad relationship among the main actors, “the god of cinema” Billy Wilder got a very well done movie.

Bogart’s unfriendly character was perfect for his role. He was so ridiculous when tried to entertain the young girl who was a threat for the union of two huge companies. As cold as ice, as he used to be, he try to seduce who already was in love with his brother David.

I must mention the magnificent custome designe in the movie that was worth the Oscar.

sabrina (3)

The comedy is perfect as it’s the end, and Billy Wilder-style ending that leaves us with a taste of good cinema. An eternal romantic comedy that never will be old-fashioned.

Unforgettable scenes:



Vera Cruz

Year: 1954.

Director: Robert Aldrich.


Gary Cooper (Benjamin Trane).

Burt Lancaster (JoeErin).

Denise Darcel (Condesa Marie Duvarre).

Cesar Romero (Marques Henri de Labordere).

Sara Montiel (Nina).

veracruz (2)



  • Gary Cooper always complained of working with Sara Montiel. He ensured she smelt badly and that she never washed her hair.
  • It was the first movie in Superscope format, the predecesor of Super 35’.
  • Sometimes this film has been known as “the first spaghetti western” due to the influence of Italian directors like Sergio Leone.
  • Clark Gable recommended to Gary Cooper not to work with Burt Lancaster. “That boy will eclipse you on screen”, he said. Ironically, Gable did work with Lancaster later in another movie.
  • Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson decided to go buying tobaco when they where acting, which meant they had to saddle the horse and go dressed and armed like that to the closest city. On the way a truck full of federal officers thought they were bandits and they hold them prisoners.
  • The visual effects team used too much explosives to make a bridge blow, so many that some pieces reached Gary Cooper who was hurt.
  • Although the Emperor Maximiliano was represented with an age of 54 years old in the movie, he died at 34 for real.

veracruz (8)

I’m not the kind of western fans, but when I got the list of vintage movies to review I thought I couldn’t leave aside our Spanish most well-known and international actres before Penelope Cruz.

Sara Montiel is very beautiful and really shine in her role as a young Mexican who lives thanks to little robberies. With no doubt, Sara eclipses the rest of the women stars of the movie and becomes in the true main woman character of Vera Cruz.

The film is really entertaining. I was surprised of Gary Cooper not doing a role as the good boy, although he isn’t the bad bad boy either. To be honest, I liked him better than Lancaster and he is the perfect half for Sara Montiel.

Lancaster, with his usual cynical and sarcastic style plays the role of a very common thug.

Back in the time of the release, it was a very violent movie (over the average). I’m sure it’s an icon for all western genre lovers.

Official Trailer:

By the way, I’ve been purchasing all movies I’ve been talking about along this blog, although you can find this entire one on YouTube. Here’s the link in case someone wants to see our Sara Montiel in her earlier years on cinema.



How to Marry a Millionaire

Year: 1953.

Director: Jean Negulesco.


Marilyn Monroe (PolaDebovoise).

Betty Grable (Loco Dempsey).

Lauren Bacall (Schatze Page).

David Wayne (Freddie Denmark).

RoryCalhun (Eben).

how-to-marry-a-millionaire (16)


Nominated for 1 Oscar to the Best Costume Design, Color (1954)

Nominated for a Bafta to the Best Film from any Source (1955)

Nominated for the WGA (Writers Guild of America) Award to the Best Written American Comedy.

how-to-marry-a-millionaire (20)


  • When Lauren Bacall says as part of the script “I’ve always liked older men like the one in The Queen of Africa” she was refering to her husband for real, Humphrey Bogart.
  • This is one of the first movies shot in stereo audio format.
  • And the first film shot in Cinemascope, although The Robe was released first.
  • How To Marry a Millionaire has 254 scenes, too many of them for that time.
  • Lauren Bacall, who had been a model before being an actress gave a lesson on how to be models to the other two actresses.
  • This is the third movie where Betty Grable plays a role as a model looking for a millionaire to marry to.

how-to-marry-a-millionaire (26)

A perfect movie with all ingredients to succeed in theatres: Three beautiful actresses and a very entertaining plot.

Luxury, a bunch of money, glamour and beauty along with the Cinemascope made of this movie a very “rich” one, not focusign just in how rich their masculin characters were.

The country was living a very happy time and this film shows it off. Marylin Monroe was splendid, she’s been my favourite actress in the movie. She demonstrates once again she was born to make comedy. She’s the most charming naive in the history of cinema.

Lauren Bacall and her slim body gives the group the credibility they needed. And Betty Grable “the girl whose legs worth a million dollars” adds the smart point to the perfect trio.

I can’t forget to mention the extraordinary custom design. I think I’d get any and all of the party dresses you see in the movie. The man behind this good taste was William Travilla. No wonder why he got the nomination to the Oscars.

A very funny comedy that achieved a tremendous success in theatres. Besides, I’ve loved it!


Official trailer:

Images from the Premiere:

Unforgettable scenes:






Year: 1953.

Director: John Ford.


Clark Gable (Victor Marswell).

Ava Gardner (Eloise Y. Kelly).

Grace Kelly (Linda Nordley).

Donald Sidney (Donald Nordley).

mogambo (1)Awards:

It was nominated for two Oscars to Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly).

Grace Kelly won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

mogambo (6)


  • Grace Kelly and Clark Gable had a little romance during the shooting of the movie.
  • Ava Gardner had an abortion during the shooting. The father was Frank Sinatra.
  • Due to the Spanish censorship in that time, that didn’t allow scenes of any kind of adultery, introduced the Kelly-Sidney’s marriage like brother and sister. However, they appeared together in a bed in one of the scenes of the movie.
  • Maureen O´Hara was supposed to act in the role of Ava Gardner’s although Metro Goldwyn Mayer had a compromise with Ava Gardner and gave her this film. John Ford didn’t like the decision and was very rude with the actress.
  • Most of the film was shot in the Hollywood studios.
  • This is the first out of the two movies that MGM shot without soundtrack.

mogambo (9)

Love, infidelity and jelousy… The jungle makes the man wilder. With many of the greatest stars of the time, the master of masters John Ford takes us to the African jungle with a trio formed by two women and a man.

A visibly older but handsome, brave and seductive Clark Gable competes under my opinion with Ava Gardner to win attention. Ava is marvellous in her role, showing off femininity, friendliness, slyness and a lot of sexual attraction. A beautiful wild cat who becomes in the undeniable main character of the movie, opposite to the boring and naive Grace Kelly. No wonder why she was known in Hollywood as “the frozen fire” Ava eclipses the rest of the stars. She is superb in her role.

I’m pretty sure the photography that Robert Surtees catched was surprisingly amazing for that epoque. The tour he does across the African jungle left open-mouthed to many of the viewers back in the 50s.

mogambo (17)

I choose Ava, with no doubt. I really think she deserved to win an Oscar with this acting, although that year the Oscar went to Audrey Hepburn and her Roman Holyday.

Official Trailer:


Unforgettable scenes:


Images of the main characters in the Kenyan reservation where part of the film was shot. Very interesting!

Roman Holiday


Director: William Wyler.


Gregory Peck (Joe Bradley).

Audrey Hepburn (Princes Ann).

Eddie Albert (Irving Radovich).

vacaciones-en-roma (19)


It won the Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role (Audrey Hepburn), Best Writing and Best Costume Design.

The movie also got many other awards I invite you to check in the IDBM website

vacaciones-en-roma (18)


  • Gregory Peck suggested that Audrey Hepburn should be over him on the credits. He knew she was going to win an Oscar.
  • William Wyler used to shot the same scene once and again. That didn’t happen with the “Mouth of Truth” scene though, when Gregory Peck hid his hand under his sleeve and Audrey Hepburn’s reaction was totally natural and unexpected. The scene was not repeated.
  • It was the first American movie entirely shot in Italy.
  • The scene in the Embassy took real Italian nobles who donated their salaries to charity. The last scene about the press conference, the journalists are also real ones.
  • Wyler was about to cancel the project because he just wanted Jean Simmons but she was not available.
  • It’s the forth film out of the 10 best romántica comedies of all times, according to the American Film Institute.
  • Cary Grant was one of the options for the main character, although he was already too old for the role. Years later he worked with Audrey Hepburn in Charade and the became close friends.

vacaciones-en-roma (25)

Roman Holiday is a seductive and elegant romantic comedy that pushed its main character and the city up to the icons of Hollywood.

The movie was thought to be shot in Hollywood and starred by a first level actress, such as Elizabeth Taylor, among others. But Wyler insisted on making it in Roma, since the expenses would be lower if they shot in black and White and hired a totally stranger.

To being the first film where the young and charming Audrey Hepburn was main character, it was a complete success for critics, public and the Academy. She played her role like if it perfectly fitted her: an European Princess who join a journalist to go in search of adventures across the city. Of course the journalist ended up totally in love with her.

vacaciones-en-roma (23)

We can’t forget those fabulous scenes over the Vespa or the funny scene in the Mouth of Truth. The movie is like a beautiful fairy tail adapted to reality.

Audrey’s true innocence was legendary and the reason public would adore her forever.

With an impeccable photography, the film walk through the city of Rome and show us some of its most popular places. The scene where both characters cross the city on a Vespa caused the worldwide interest in that vehicle.

It’s one of the most touching ends I’ve seen so far…

vacaciones-en-roma (20)

In the image:

Audrey wears a wedding dress that never used eventually. While she was acting for Roman Holiday she was about to get marry with James Hanson, a playboy from London. However they broke up just a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Audrey asked one of the designers (Zoe Fontana) to give her wedding dress to other girl who cannot afford herself a dress like that. The fortunate was Amabile Altobello, a 20 years-old girl who lived right outside Rome. The dress was in auction in 2009 and was sold for 16,000 euros.


Unforgettable scenes:

Audrey while receiving the Oscar:




Singin in the Rain

Year: 1952.

Directors: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly.


Gene Kelly (Don Lockwood).

Debbie Reynolds (Kathy Selden).

Donald O´Connor (Cosmo Brown).

Jean Hagen (Lina Lamont).

singin-in-the-rain- (1)



Nominated for 2 Oscars in 1953: Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture.

Golden Globe in 1953 to Donald O’Connor as Best Motion Picture Actor in a Musical/Comedy.

The movie also won many other awards that you can check in the IDBM website.

singin-in-the-rain- (4)



  • Gene Kelly insulted Debbie Reynolds because, according to his criteria, she apparently didn’t know how to dance. Fred Astaire found her crying in the study and tried to help her.
  • The mytic scene from Singin’ In The Rain took a whole day to get it ready. Despite Gene Kelly had temperatura, the sequence was taken in just one shot, which is exactly what you can see in the film.
  • After performing the scene “Makeemlaugh”, Donald O´Connor was hospitalized because of exhaustion. He used to smoke 4 packs of cigarettes per day.
  • Donald O´Connor recognized he didn’t like to work together with Gene Kelly, since he found him very tyrant.
  • After the “Good Morning” show, Debbie Reynolds had to be taken to her dressing room with blood in her feet. However, Gene Kelly forced her to repeat the tap dancing sounds.
  • Debbie Reynolds was only 19 years old, living still with her parents. She used to woke up at 4 am to go to the study after a long way (she had to take 3 buses). Sometimes she even prefered to stay in the study overnight.
  • The original film was burnt in a fire.
  • Cyd Charisse has to learn how to smoke to act in the scene together with Gene Kelly.
  • This movie is the fith in the Rank of best films of the History, according to The American Film Institute, and in the 10th position according to Entertainment Weekly. However both companies agree that it is the best musical ever.
  • The Directors actually thought first of Judy Garland, June Allyson and Ann Miller for the role of Kathy Selden, buta ll of them were too old. They also thought in Jane Powell and Leslie Caron.
  • Debbie Reynolds had to use onion in the last scene whe she had to cry.

singin-in-the-rain- (10)


It’s the best musical comedy of all times. Period. Gene Kelly is sensational. He was perfectionist and demanding both with himself and the rest of the crew. That way he reached the highest level on the cast performance.

He also was much more atlethic than Fred Astaire, and his scenes are just spectacular. It’s also worth the mention of the amazing cast that joined Gene Kelly: Donald O’Connor makes an excellent performance making us laugh out of loud and the very young Debbie Reynolds perfectly knew how to accomplish the hard role she had to perform.

Some musical scenes you can’t miss: “Makeemlaugh”, “Mosessupposses”, “GoodMorning”, the spectacular legs of Cyd Charisse and of course, the show star in the movie: “Singin’ in the rain”.


Memorable scenes: