To Catch a Thief

Year: 1955.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.


Cary Grant (John Robie).

Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens).

Jessie Royce Landis (Jessie Stevens).

John Williams (H. H. Hughson).

atrapa-un-ladron (4) Awards:

Oscar to Best Cinematography, Color.

Also nominated to the Oscar to Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color and Best Costume Design.

Nominada to the Satellite Award for Best Classic DVD in 2009.

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated to the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1955.

Nominated to the Writers Guild of America Awar to the Best Writter American Comedy in 1956.

atrapa-un-ladron (1)Curiosities:

  • The road where the chase with Cary Grant was shot was the same where Grace Kelly died.
  • The actress Brigitte Auber shows off about being younger than Grace Kelly in the scene with the floating platform. The Princess was only one year and a half older.
  • The acress Jessie Royce Landis makes the role of mother-in-law to be. In the movie North by Northwest she plays the role of the mother.
  • According to the script, Cary Grant should be 35 years old. He was 50 in real life.
  • John Robie says in one of the scenes of the movie that he was a trapeze artista in an European Circus. That was a detail taken from Cary Grant’s real life.
  • The two main characters are considered the eithgth hottest couple in cinema.
  • The French actor Charles Vanel (Bertani) didn’t speak English. He had to be doubled.
  • Grace Kelly’s car in the movie is a Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Sports Mk I roadster.
  • In the first scenes a black cat intentionally appear. John Robie was known as “the cat”.
  • Alfred Hitchcock shows himself sat in a bus close to Cary Grant

atrapa-un-ladron (6)Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar. He always was ignored by Hollywood like a few other actors. He however ended up becoming into the best director in the history of Cinema.

Cary Grant is magnificent in his role of a white-glove thief. Grace Kelly was not the only one who felt in love with him in the movie because of his character. Many women from that epoque also did. No one else but the great Gentleman Cary Grant could have played the role of that lovely thief.

And also Grace Kelly seems to fit perfectly in the role of a manipulative and cold woman.

Comedy, adventures, action and intrigue… And a romance with a happy ending of course.

This is Cinema made with a very good taste.


Unforgettable scenes:



Year: 1954.

Director: Billy Wilder.


Audrey Hepburn (Sabrina).

Humphrey Bogart (Linus Larrabee).

Wlliam Holden (David Larrabee).

John Wlliams (Thomas Fairchild).

sabrina (2)


It won 1 Oscar to the Best Costume Design, Black and White.

Nominated to Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Cinematography B&W and Best Art Direction-Set Decoration B&W.

The movie won many other awards I invite you to check in the IDBM website.

sabrina (9)Curiosities:

  • Audrey Hepburn and William Holden had a romance during the shot of the movie.
  • Humphrey Bogart replaced Cary Grant in the film. He and William Holden didn’t get along well. Bogart didn’t approve Audrey’s work since he wanted her wife Lauren Bacall in the main role. When Audrey was asked how was to work with Bogart, she replied: It’s ok as long as you don’t mind to repeat the same scene 20 times”
  • Although it was Edith Head who won the Oscar to the Best Costume Design, it was Givenchy who designed most of the clothes Audrey Hepburn wore. From then onwards, he was her favourite designer.
  • This was the second movie where Audrey Hepburn had short hair as a symbol of madurity. It’s also the second movie where she had an affair with a man who almost doubled her age.
  • When Linus takes Sabrina to the theatre they watched The Seven Year Itch. It actually was the next project for Billy Wilder. It was mentioned twice during the movie.
  • Givenchy thought he was to design the models for Katharine Hepburn, since he never heard of Audrey Hepburn before.
  • Critic was specially cruel with Bogart as they thought he didn’t fit the role.  They considered William Holden much better as Linus and other younger actor in David’s role.
  • The ranch where the movie was shot was own by the Paramount’s President.

sabrina (8)

Once again the recurrent story of the Cinderella, this time though adding a really young Audrey Hepburn in the role of Sabrina. After the success and the Oscar won for Roman Holidays, the glory and the famous were around her. Despite the bad relationship among the main actors, “the god of cinema” Billy Wilder got a very well done movie.

Bogart’s unfriendly character was perfect for his role. He was so ridiculous when tried to entertain the young girl who was a threat for the union of two huge companies. As cold as ice, as he used to be, he try to seduce who already was in love with his brother David.

I must mention the magnificent custome designe in the movie that was worth the Oscar.

sabrina (3)

The comedy is perfect as it’s the end, and Billy Wilder-style ending that leaves us with a taste of good cinema. An eternal romantic comedy that never will be old-fashioned.

Unforgettable scenes:





Year: 1953.

Director: John Ford.


Clark Gable (Victor Marswell).

Ava Gardner (Eloise Y. Kelly).

Grace Kelly (Linda Nordley).

Donald Sidney (Donald Nordley).

mogambo (1)Awards:

It was nominated for two Oscars to Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly).

Grace Kelly won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

mogambo (6)


  • Grace Kelly and Clark Gable had a little romance during the shooting of the movie.
  • Ava Gardner had an abortion during the shooting. The father was Frank Sinatra.
  • Due to the Spanish censorship in that time, that didn’t allow scenes of any kind of adultery, introduced the Kelly-Sidney’s marriage like brother and sister. However, they appeared together in a bed in one of the scenes of the movie.
  • Maureen O´Hara was supposed to act in the role of Ava Gardner’s although Metro Goldwyn Mayer had a compromise with Ava Gardner and gave her this film. John Ford didn’t like the decision and was very rude with the actress.
  • Most of the film was shot in the Hollywood studios.
  • This is the first out of the two movies that MGM shot without soundtrack.

mogambo (9)

Love, infidelity and jelousy… The jungle makes the man wilder. With many of the greatest stars of the time, the master of masters John Ford takes us to the African jungle with a trio formed by two women and a man.

A visibly older but handsome, brave and seductive Clark Gable competes under my opinion with Ava Gardner to win attention. Ava is marvellous in her role, showing off femininity, friendliness, slyness and a lot of sexual attraction. A beautiful wild cat who becomes in the undeniable main character of the movie, opposite to the boring and naive Grace Kelly. No wonder why she was known in Hollywood as “the frozen fire” Ava eclipses the rest of the stars. She is superb in her role.

I’m pretty sure the photography that Robert Surtees catched was surprisingly amazing for that epoque. The tour he does across the African jungle left open-mouthed to many of the viewers back in the 50s.

mogambo (17)

I choose Ava, with no doubt. I really think she deserved to win an Oscar with this acting, although that year the Oscar went to Audrey Hepburn and her Roman Holyday.

Official Trailer:


Unforgettable scenes:


Images of the main characters in the Kenyan reservation where part of the film was shot. Very interesting!

Roman Holiday


Director: William Wyler.


Gregory Peck (Joe Bradley).

Audrey Hepburn (Princes Ann).

Eddie Albert (Irving Radovich).

vacaciones-en-roma (19)


It won the Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role (Audrey Hepburn), Best Writing and Best Costume Design.

The movie also got many other awards I invite you to check in the IDBM website

vacaciones-en-roma (18)


  • Gregory Peck suggested that Audrey Hepburn should be over him on the credits. He knew she was going to win an Oscar.
  • William Wyler used to shot the same scene once and again. That didn’t happen with the “Mouth of Truth” scene though, when Gregory Peck hid his hand under his sleeve and Audrey Hepburn’s reaction was totally natural and unexpected. The scene was not repeated.
  • It was the first American movie entirely shot in Italy.
  • The scene in the Embassy took real Italian nobles who donated their salaries to charity. The last scene about the press conference, the journalists are also real ones.
  • Wyler was about to cancel the project because he just wanted Jean Simmons but she was not available.
  • It’s the forth film out of the 10 best romántica comedies of all times, according to the American Film Institute.
  • Cary Grant was one of the options for the main character, although he was already too old for the role. Years later he worked with Audrey Hepburn in Charade and the became close friends.

vacaciones-en-roma (25)

Roman Holiday is a seductive and elegant romantic comedy that pushed its main character and the city up to the icons of Hollywood.

The movie was thought to be shot in Hollywood and starred by a first level actress, such as Elizabeth Taylor, among others. But Wyler insisted on making it in Roma, since the expenses would be lower if they shot in black and White and hired a totally stranger.

To being the first film where the young and charming Audrey Hepburn was main character, it was a complete success for critics, public and the Academy. She played her role like if it perfectly fitted her: an European Princess who join a journalist to go in search of adventures across the city. Of course the journalist ended up totally in love with her.

vacaciones-en-roma (23)

We can’t forget those fabulous scenes over the Vespa or the funny scene in the Mouth of Truth. The movie is like a beautiful fairy tail adapted to reality.

Audrey’s true innocence was legendary and the reason public would adore her forever.

With an impeccable photography, the film walk through the city of Rome and show us some of its most popular places. The scene where both characters cross the city on a Vespa caused the worldwide interest in that vehicle.

It’s one of the most touching ends I’ve seen so far…

vacaciones-en-roma (20)

In the image:

Audrey wears a wedding dress that never used eventually. While she was acting for Roman Holiday she was about to get marry with James Hanson, a playboy from London. However they broke up just a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Audrey asked one of the designers (Zoe Fontana) to give her wedding dress to other girl who cannot afford herself a dress like that. The fortunate was Amabile Altobello, a 20 years-old girl who lived right outside Rome. The dress was in auction in 2009 and was sold for 16,000 euros.


Unforgettable scenes:

Audrey while receiving the Oscar:




Singin in the Rain

Year: 1952.

Directors: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly.


Gene Kelly (Don Lockwood).

Debbie Reynolds (Kathy Selden).

Donald O´Connor (Cosmo Brown).

Jean Hagen (Lina Lamont).

singin-in-the-rain- (1)



Nominated for 2 Oscars in 1953: Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture.

Golden Globe in 1953 to Donald O’Connor as Best Motion Picture Actor in a Musical/Comedy.

The movie also won many other awards that you can check in the IDBM website.

singin-in-the-rain- (4)



  • Gene Kelly insulted Debbie Reynolds because, according to his criteria, she apparently didn’t know how to dance. Fred Astaire found her crying in the study and tried to help her.
  • The mytic scene from Singin’ In The Rain took a whole day to get it ready. Despite Gene Kelly had temperatura, the sequence was taken in just one shot, which is exactly what you can see in the film.
  • After performing the scene “Makeemlaugh”, Donald O´Connor was hospitalized because of exhaustion. He used to smoke 4 packs of cigarettes per day.
  • Donald O´Connor recognized he didn’t like to work together with Gene Kelly, since he found him very tyrant.
  • After the “Good Morning” show, Debbie Reynolds had to be taken to her dressing room with blood in her feet. However, Gene Kelly forced her to repeat the tap dancing sounds.
  • Debbie Reynolds was only 19 years old, living still with her parents. She used to woke up at 4 am to go to the study after a long way (she had to take 3 buses). Sometimes she even prefered to stay in the study overnight.
  • The original film was burnt in a fire.
  • Cyd Charisse has to learn how to smoke to act in the scene together with Gene Kelly.
  • This movie is the fith in the Rank of best films of the History, according to The American Film Institute, and in the 10th position according to Entertainment Weekly. However both companies agree that it is the best musical ever.
  • The Directors actually thought first of Judy Garland, June Allyson and Ann Miller for the role of Kathy Selden, buta ll of them were too old. They also thought in Jane Powell and Leslie Caron.
  • Debbie Reynolds had to use onion in the last scene whe she had to cry.

singin-in-the-rain- (10)


It’s the best musical comedy of all times. Period. Gene Kelly is sensational. He was perfectionist and demanding both with himself and the rest of the crew. That way he reached the highest level on the cast performance.

He also was much more atlethic than Fred Astaire, and his scenes are just spectacular. It’s also worth the mention of the amazing cast that joined Gene Kelly: Donald O’Connor makes an excellent performance making us laugh out of loud and the very young Debbie Reynolds perfectly knew how to accomplish the hard role she had to perform.

Some musical scenes you can’t miss: “Makeemlaugh”, “Mosessupposses”, “GoodMorning”, the spectacular legs of Cyd Charisse and of course, the show star in the movie: “Singin’ in the rain”.


Memorable scenes:


The Killers

Year: 1946

Director: Robert Siodmack


Burt Lancaster (Ole ‘Swede’ Andreson)

Ava Gardner (Kitty Collins)

Edmon O´Brien (Jim Riordan)

Albert Decker (Big Jim Colfax)

 forajidos (2)


Nominated to 4 Oscars in 1947 for Best Director, Best Writing, Best Film Editing and Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture. The film didn’t get any of these awards.

It did win the Edgar Allan Poe Award to Best Motion Picture in 1947

In 1946 won the Prize of the National Board of Review in the USA to the Top Ten Films.

The film also won the award from the National Film Preservation Board in the US.

 forajidos (10)


  • It was the first movie of a very young Burt Lancaster who had been an acrobat for a circus until then.
  • Burt Lancaster had to train for two months with a Boxing Champion to act in the scenes with boxing. Those scenes were shot with a real boxer joining Burt Lancaster. He happened to do it really well.
  • The film is a Hemingway’s short novel adaptation.

 forajidos (11)

The high quality film work is unquestionable, that’s probably why It’s considered by many like the best film within the “black movies” of all times. The 10 first minutes of the tape, when the plot is told are specially good.

The Director uses flashbacks to take us from the past to the present showing us the thread of the story. I love how the movie is directed. I like suspense and crime films and The Killers is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

If I should take out a scene, I’d choose the Burt Lancaster’s face the moment he sees the celestial and beautiful Ava Gardner. She is a Venus. This was the movie where she started building the character of a “femme fatale” that always was her most famous cinema feature.

forajidos (12)

Burt Lancaster is superb in his role as a boxer and a “white glove thief”. By the way, he was even more handsome than I could remember.

It’s not fair we only can admire the beauty in women in classic cinema… Sometimes actors are better in attraction!

If you like black movies, based on crime novels this film will be one of you favourite. I’m pretty sure!




Adam’s Rib

Year: 1949

Director: George Cukor


Spencer Tracy (Adam Bonner)

Katharine Hepburn (Amanda Bonner)

Judy Halliday (Doris Attinger)

Tom Ewell (Warren Attinger)

David Wayne (Kip Lurie)

03_cukor Awards:

Nominated for the Best Writing, Story and Screenplay Oscar in 1951.

Nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe in 1951.

It won the award of the National Film Preservation Board in 1992.

Nominated for the Best Written American Comedy award by the Writers Guild of America, USA in 1950 and 1951.



  • One of the first scenes with Judy Halliday talking to Katharine Hepburn she seems to be shaking. She was not acting that moment. Since she was inexperienced at acting she was very nervous of performing close to Hepburn.
  • Back in 2008 the American Film Institute described the film as one of the 10 greatest romantic comedies of all times.
  • One of the most famous quotes of the movie was: “It’s the hilarious answer to who wears pants”
  • It’s based on a true story of the divorce of two cinema actors: Raymond Massey and Adrianne Allen.
  • Spencer Tracy always insisted to appear within the end credits close to Katharine Hepburn. The scriptwriter Garson Kanin told him once: “She is a lady, you are a gentleman… Should ladies go first?” Tracy answered: “This is a movie you fool, not a lifeboat”.
  • The script was entirely written thinking of the main couple of actors.
  • The film was shot in New York and like in the rest of the movies where Tracy and Hepburn appeared together, both slept in separate buildings to avoid rumours.


I couldn’t wait to watch it again!

You’ll have the feeling of floating after watching this film. The taste in your mouth will be so good that you won’t want it to finish. At least, that is what happens to me each time I see this couple acting together. In this film they are sublime!

They are funny, ironic, racy and over all clever.

The comedy is a sparkling approach to the eternal battle of genres. Maybe no other movie in the history has represented so well the women fight to achieve a position into society the same way men always had.

Over 50 years have already past and the film is still fresh like back then. It’s possible that in the moment it was shot didn’t get as many prizes as deserved precisely because of that, because of how delicate was the matter.


The quality of the script and the extreme importance of the subject still today make it a movie that you’ll never be fed up of.

The main couple, maybe the most solid and convincing one in the history of cinema will lead you from one scene to another very comfortably. Then you’ll be looking forward seeing them acting together again. You’ll wish being part of the complicity between them once again.

Because the most remarkable thing about this film is, with no doubt, the final fight, where no one loses but all win.

A magnificent comedy….

Official Trailer:

Unforgettable scenes:


Doctor Macro, Movie Classics, Emelab.



Year: 1946

Director: Alfred Hitchcock


Ingrid Bergmam (Alicia Huberman)

Cary Grant (Devlin)

Claude Rains (Alexander Sebastian)

Louise Calhern (Paul Prescott)

Leopoldine Konstantine (MneSebastian)

encadenados (1)


Nominated back in 1947 to the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Claude Rains) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

Bambi Awards in 1952 to Ingrid Bergman as the Best Actress – International.

Nominated in 1946 to the Grand Prize of the Cannes Film Festival (Alfred Hitchcock).

National Film Registry in 2006 at the National Film Preservation Board, USA.

encadenados (4)


  • The scenes where Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman play to “kissing without kissing” were designed that way in order to avoid the Hayes code (a kiss shouldn’t last over 3 seconds).
  • Hitchcock said once he was watched for 3 months after the release date since the movie showed uranium commerce.
  • The actress who performed the role as Claude Rains’ mother only was 3 years older than the French actor.
  • The scene over the balcony with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman was almost entirely improvised.
  • The original screenplay showed Alicia (Ingrid Bergman) as a prostitute.
  • David O. Selznick (producer) actually preferred Vivien Leigh in the role of Alicia (to be honest, it would have been great!).
  • Alfred Hitchcock asked to the Nobel Prize in Physics how to make an atomic bomb. However, the winner didn’t want to answer. Although he did tell Hitchcock it could be kept in a bottle.
  • Claude Rains did many shots over a box in order to look like as tall as Cary Grant. That fact was far from reality though. Claude Rains actually was 1,69 cm tall while Cary Grant was 1,87 and Ingrid Bergman was 1,75 cm tall.
  • This one was the only performance in an American movie by Leopoldine Konstantine (Mme. Sebastian).
  • You’ll find Hitchcock himself (who usually appears in all his movies) in a party celebrated in the house, holding a glass of champaign.

encadenados (2)

This week was time for Notorious, a Hitchcock’s film. I have to admit I couldn’t wait to see Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant together once again. I love them acting!

I can say it’s with no doubt one of the best Hitchcock’s movies. The “cursed director” never won an Oscar, even though he was considered the best director of thrillers in the history of cinema.

Within this story, you’ll enjoy the mix of love and intrigue, with Cary Grant performing an amazing role as an American spy. The actor knows exactly how to stop his feelings towards Ingrid Bergman, almost a prostitute who accepts being blackmailed in order to unmask the German spy (casted by Claude Rains).

encadenados (7)

Grant is smart and elegant along the entire movie. I loved those shots the director took of the actor’s back. His elegance invades the whole screen. I could say it’s the only film out of all I’ve already seen and share in our Film of the Week where the main actor rules most of the scenes, instead of the actress. He almost eclipses Bergman in some scenes!

Ingrid Bergman was fascinating over the second half of the film. Her performance as an obedient wife as well as spy is just sensational.

The Master of Thrillers shows once again how to keep watchers stuck to their seats. He succeeded with me at least!  He got my close attention all the time looking forward to the ending. I didn’t  move! I even got nervous in a few scenes.

I totally recommend it to you!

See the whole movie on YouTube:


The Big Sleep

Release date: 1946

Director: Howard Hawks


Humphrey Bogart (Phillip Marlowe)

Lauren Bacall (Vivien Rutledge)

John Ridgley (Eddie Mars)

Martha Vickers (Carmen Sternwood)

el-sueño-eterno (1)


National Film Preservation Board (1997)

el-sueño-eterno (2)

Did you know?:

  • It was the second film Bogart and Bacall performed together. After three months, they got married.
  • The scene where Bogart and Bacall chatted about horses was added after the film was edited, in order to introduce a slyness atmosphere. Howard had already done this previously in To have and have not.
  • Lauren Bacall herself sings the song in one of the scenes. That is her voice, unlike some rumours that said it was doubled.
  • Sternwood’s mansion is exactly the same one as in Mildred Pierce.
  • The scene where Eddie Mars is murdered by his own men was reused by the director in his last western El Dorado.
  • William Faulkner helped Hawks to write the plot. When the author of the book, Raymond Chandler was asked who murdered the driver, he didn’t know what to answer.

el-sueño-eterno (4)

The movie was a success in theatres. However reviews said that it was an inmoral and violent film.

It’s full of contradictions, cynical talks, irony and hard men. The mystery starts the moment Marlowe chats with the General Sternwood in a dark and sad atmosphere, almost stifling where nobody gives anything away and everyone search their own benefit. It’s a pessimist and grey world.

The detective seems to know everything about the story. And the woman, even though she’s a secondary actress and the love story is also underground, makes the plot explode in sparks every time she has a scene with the main character. The scene at General’s house, where Vivien – Lauren Bacall – tries to find out why his father hired him is just brilliant. The following day, at Marlowe’s office, when they are laughing at the police on the phone is almost an icon to the comedy genre. Same happens with the unforgettable scene at the bar while they are talking about horses. Bogart and Bacall connect totally and seem to be an exceptional couple.

el-sueño-eterno (6)

When the plot is about to be in depths of despair, Bogart and Bacall know what joke to tell in order to make you have some fun. It’s not that the plot is difficult to understand (although I have to admit I thought I missed something when it finished) but that I’m sure it’s a movie made exclusively for the two of the main characters.

Bogart makes a sensational performance and Lauren Bacall, with her inimitable voice and her seductive glance shows she has learnt all about the profession, even though she was only 20 years old by then.

The argument – although confusing sometimes – is brilliantly directed by Hawks. He makes viewers follow Marlowe wherever he goes. Public know no more than the main character himself. That way Hawks gets you totally into the plot.

Let me finish this review with this curious image for you to understand the mess there’s in the movie, and the amount of different character performing in it.


Don’t stop paying attention every second in the movie, I recommend.


2 Bp.,, Lo-bueno-si-breve,

Memorable scenes:


Year: 1946

Director: Charles Vidor.


Rita Hayworth (Gilda Mundson Farrell)

Glenn Ford (Johnny Farrell)

George MacReady (Ballin Mundson)


“Gilda” is Rita Hayworth and Rita Hayworth is “Gilda”. Independently from the film’s plot, more or less attractively, Rita Hayworth completely absorbs and takes over the leading role.  The entire film revolves around her, and her ability to captivate men in the film filters through the big screen and leaves all of us in love with her beauty, her sensuality and her character.

“Gilda” is a melodrama with a masterful structure. It contains some bitter, cynical, and wonderful dialogues which make it an essential work piece in black and white cinema.

This masterpiece hasn’t lost anything over the years. It speaks to us of solitude, friendship, greed, love and violence.


Glenn Ford, who had us accustomed to his roles as a good, trustworthy and honest man, becomes a wild animal absorbed by jealousy.

Without a doubt, the most famous scene in the film is the “strip-tease”. This “strip-tease” is the scene in which Hayworth takes off her glove whilst performing the unforgettable song “Put the Blame on me Mame” which, incidentally, was not sung by her. This scene reminds us once again how Hollywood knew exactly how to create eroticism and sex, simply by showing a naked arm.

gilda (8)

Although perhaps it isn’t one of the best films in history, Gilda is, without a doubt, an indispensable film in cinema’s history, and within the film, Rita Hayworth depicts one of the most beautiful and seductive women of all time.

gilda (10)

It was awarded by the National Film Preservation Board in 2013.

gilda (16)

Curious Facts:

  • The truth is that when Rita Hayworth slapped Glenn Ford; she broke two of his teeth.  Glenn Ford did not move until he finished the scene.
  • The photograph of Johnny Farrell as a child is, in reality, a photo of Glenn Ford’s son.
  • Rita Hayworth had to wear a corset during the filming “Put the blame on Mame”, as she had just given birth to her first daughter.
  • Rita Hayworth’s songs are dubbed. Unfortunately her voice seemed too weak, something that made the actress bitter for the rest of her life.
  • Rita Hayworth’s strapless dress, designed by Jean Louis, is based on a dress in the painting of “Madame X” (a famous Parisian character from the nineteenth century), painted in 1884 by John Singer Sargent. It cost 60,000 dollars, a barbaric amount of money for the time. In April 2009 it was put in auction, but it was withdrawn due to a lack of bids. It mysteriously appeared on eBay in September in the same year at a starting price of 30,000 dollars. However, I am unable to tell you what happened to the painting.
  • The famous glove scene from Gilda has been parodied in a number of films, highlighting above all the one of Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.
  • The film participated in the first edition of the Cannes Film Festival together with “Notorious“, by Hitchcock which, curiously, has many similarities in the plot (South America, Nazis, a woman torn between two men).

gilda (6)


Memorable scenes:


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